Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Thought it would be a neat idea to get anyone that has a YT channel with videos or streaming to post here. Doesn’t have to be Hitman only of course. Just if you have a channel and would like to share your videos or let the community know when and if you’re streaming. Have fun.



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I was going to post @Fortheseven channel just now aha… I mean your alter egos channel. You have one?


I do not.


Like on Hitmanforum 4 Sub.Thanks. Like all my videos. Sub with multiple accounts. Thanks.


I do Doom and Hitman stuff here, mostly.


Thanks Spoderman, I feel like I should pay you a kickback fee or something lol.


I only ever upload to YT as regularly as Twitch successfuly exports my vids, which is about once every blue moon, but it’s there.



Only Hitman content up to now, might do more stuff whenever. I stream to Twitch whenever I want to make a video, then post a highlight on Youtube, since that’s the only real way to record on Xbox one without a capture card.


Already subbed to you awhile ago @Fortheseven :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: You are a beast!


Other Hitman Players


Thanks for mentioning my channel :slight_smile:


This is my channel :slight_smile:

I post hitman video’s, my own created hitman serie, gta and much more. Hope someone will actually check it out.


Ok,I’ll shamelessly advertise my own channel that has one (hitman) video.
I’d like to make more however my PC is having problems at the moment…


Nice thread. Been subbed to most of you for a while now, but i’ve also just subbed those that I haven’t seen before.

Here’s mine for anyone that is interested :slight_smile:


Thanks for this thread.
I recently started a youtube channel.
Feedback is encouraged. Thanks again.


I also have a Twitch channel.
It’s not always HITMAN but has been a lot lately.
Usually on around 7pm EST. (I think that’s GMT-4 right now with US Daylight Savings Time?)
Please feel free to come by and tell me how much I suck.


Keep the commentary as it is now and you’re golden as far as i am concerned.


On your latest video your commentary is very quiet, I can just barely hear it at max volume

EDIT: nevermind my headphones were messed up lol