Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


At this point in life i’m doing Hitman content such as challenge walkthroughs and what not, i also make the ICA Deathsquad series, which comes out every monday. It’s about a squad of 2 in the ICA that gets called in to take care of problems one man can’t fix.
ICA Deathsquad playlist:


Imadummy’s video. Not bad.


I got decent internet now, so I can finally stream! Here’s my Twitch Channel


I made a Youtube channel a week or so ago. I don’t plan to update it that often, but I wanted to be able to occasionally post a video of a run that I thought was interesting or noteworthy. I like the runs that are up there right now.


Hey guys, i would like to show you my youtube channel :slight_smile: , i started making videos in the beggining of may. My channel is focused on walkthroughs, i’m portuguese, so my videos are in portuguese, the game i play most is hitman, can you please subscribe my channel and give me some tips to grow it? (sorry for my bad english)


I’m live on my channel at 7pm today. Playing ET#17. Anyone wants to watch? :curry::gun:




Europe, live in 50 mins :wink:


Oh, so 6 GMT. I’ll probably watch huehue


I’ll share the link of the stream in the et17 thread when I’m live


I’ll watch you dude, but I finish work when you start streaming and I need 20 mins to get home so i’ll have to hope you don’t do it too quick :slight_smile:


Dont worry, I’ll take my time. Maybe start a few minutes later because I have to get rid of my nerves by taking a shit. You’ll make it :slight_smile:


@JDMHatch_G @Spodey im live :slight_smile:


Hey guys, can you please check my holiday hoarders run and subscribe??? :wink:


Hi guys, I’ve been putting together this YouTube Channel over the last few days or so, but what started out as a little bit of fun is starting to take over my life. :grin: The whole thing is very addictive. The Channel is dedicated to games that offer extensive stealth mechanics, so games like Metal Gear, Deus Ex, Dishonored and obviously HITMAN will all be covered in some capacity. At the moment I’m focusing on s-rank/no kill runs but I’ve ideas for other kinds of content as well.

There’s a few games from the last couple of years I’d like to cover, but I’ll move onto newer games as they release. There’s also loads of classic stealth games like Splinter Cell that I’d love to do something with at some point.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone checks it out, and feel free to tell me about all the mistakes I’m sure I’m making, or anything you reckon could be better. Thanks!


I think adding commentary in your hitman videos would be great, especially when it’s a 10+ minute video


I will be live again tonight! :smiley: This time starting at 7:30 pm Europa time. Elusive target #18. I need support, because I heard too much stories about how hard and shit it. Come by and have a chat in the stream, massages are visible for me so I see all your tips. :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I am finally done with the play-through of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
Do have a look!


To be honest I normally don’t do long videos, and if the footage happens to be that way, I’ll fast forward the boring bits anyway.

I just posted it as is for HitmanForum. Since I thought people here would want everything shown. Its definitely something I’ll think about though, and I appreciate the feedback.


Twitch will keep your stream available on their site for a few days. You can also record directly to your xbox though. The xbox has a “Xbox Game DVR” that you can set for specific time durations. You can even edit the clips you make in the xbox.
A live stream is different. Live stream to twitch is immediate and your xbox will not record more than a few minutes at a time.
Could you upload your stream here? Yes. You could leave a link here to your twitch stream past broadcast. But it will only be available on twitch for a few days.
If you want to save your videos forever you could upload your stream to youtube from twitch. You can also upload recordings you make with your xbox DVR to youtube. Then, you could link those youtube videos here.
I hope that helps answer your question. :slight_smile: