Youtube/Twitch Channels Thread


Do you stream on Twitch or YouTube?


On Twitch mate, this was my 3rd stream or something, the first two were around 40 minutes, this one 7 hours haha


Oh, I’ve gotta find you on there and follow. I stream on there, too.


I’d love to watch you stream sometimes. I just always forget to look you up, while the link to your twitch is on your youtube, which i always visit when you drop a new video haha. I’ll follow too.


Had to re-subscribe to a lot of you, youtube has been losing some of my subs :frowning:


Just thought I’d let you know… the guy’s banned from here for 25 years.


Oh shit. What happened?


I think he was banned for a month or so but he couldn’t stay away and made the UnknownGamer477 account… which the mods found out was him…


Fair dos then. Shame.


Damn! People get ban from stupid threads for evading 1 month bans? Sensitive members or staff?

What did he get ban for in the first place?


Wow, that was unexpected.

Regardless, if anyone’s interested, I’m live on Twitch for the new escalation or whatever was added today.


I’m personally glad he got ban. He made me so mad


Better be careful with your description :stuck_out_tongue:


My channel with my favourite and best speedrun of any Hitman game I have done. Im not doing anymore speedruns as I have lost interest in Hitman since “HITMAN” came out, but I have tons of other videos.
This was published on Hitman’s official Facebook page and twitter back in the day.




Hooray, thanks for posting!


Again? :open_mouth: It’s only going to keep happening mate :confused:


Oh I thought the mods just find out. Not sure why people are reporting. Why did you get banned if I may ask? :confused:


CJ plz


FFS CJ :joy: