Movies You've only Just Watched


Never heard of that I meant either 5.5 or 6 but I think you know that :yum:.


I’m going to pretend that I did.


Any good? It doesn’t sound like my kind of movie after reading up on it.


As disaster films go, it was ok. The build-up was good, maybe even more entertaining than the disaster. I am satisfied I saw it but probably will not be getting it on DVD.

I’m not a fan of disaster films in general.

I do reccomend the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy. Awesome films if you like action and anime and can tolerate subtitles.


Me either, oh really I didn’t know they had movies based on that anime. I watched around 10/11 episodes before getting distracted.


Over the past couple of months I’ve just watched:

War Horse from Steven Spielberg, I would rate it a solid 6/10.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I would rate it an 8/10.
Deadpool, which I thought was a funny trip, 8/10.
Sicario, which I thought was a very good thriller, 8.5/10.
James Bond 007: Spectre which I stopped watching during that helicopter scene at the beginning.
The Imitation Game, biographical picture of Alan Turing, which I found very well played by Cumberbatch, 8.75/10.
Whiplash, excellent movie, really love J.K. Simmons in it, 9/10.
Gone Girl, a very unexpected plot, thrilling and disgusting, 9/10.


That shows remarkable foresight, it only gets worse from there.

The bottle?


Yeah. I guess I’ll rather watch Trump vs. Clinton III tonight than giving Spectre another try.

I’ve had a good chuckle on that scene. But, yes, you’re right.


Agree with most of these. Haven’t seen war horse because it looks like shit and the imitation game (maybe I should give it a try).

Star Wars: the Force Awakens is entertaining but very generic, the acting was average and the dialogues seemed to have been written by a 12 year old (so the average star wars fan :wink: ). The action was alright though. => 6/10
Deadpool makes fun of the average hero movie while doing everything like an average hero movie with dick jokes on the top. Comes off a bit edgy but still funny and watchable => 7/10
Sicario is a really solid movie. Not groundbreaking but very well made, very tense atmosphere, intriguing story and characters => 8/10.
Spectre… nothing to say really 4/10.
Whiplash is an incredible movie. It really is a must watch and if you like music, it’s really one of the best movie that I’ve seen on the subject. 9/10.
Gone girl: seeing this film in the theater was a great experience, loved it, very original 8/10.

I’ve just watched Coppola’s Dracula with Oldman. The movie’s beautiful but ultimately couldn’t get into it. The story is a mess. Special mention to Keanu Reeves wooden acting and hilariously bad English accent.


I was talking about TFA, edited my post to clarify. I liked the original trilogy, especially empire strikes back. This new one felt like a well made, polished cash grab. Entertaining but as bland as they could have made it. You can smell Disney’s print on it and JJ was a safe, boring choice.


Yeah, I have to say that I am no Star Wars fan, like knowing every detail about the plot or even the right order of the movies/episodes, and in fact I rated it a 6 first, too. But I really liked the costume design and all of these fantasy characters which instantly reminded me of watching E.T. or the Ewoks for the very first time. And I just have a weakness for cute little robots. ;D

But yep, nice to see you kind of equally enjoyed the movies as me. :slight_smile:


Seriously? :^/


Mind elaborating what you’re asking about? Your post is kind of meaningless if you don’t


As in, you really think the original is terrible? It’s not the best in the saga but it’s still really good imo


It’s certainly no prequel trilogy, but it’s not hard to tell it was directed by Lucas. It’s got fucking awful pacing, sneaking around the Death Star and the trench run should’ve been all in one act as the final act of the movie instead of the Death Star bits being the whole second act and then some. The dialogue and interactions between the characters are awful for the most part to the point that I remember I physically cringed at one line (can’t remember which though, not seen the movie in 2 weeks :V) I must say though, the actors did a well enough job of what they had, but Carrie and Mark are kind of awkward at times. You don’t GENUINELY hate any of the villains in the movie, and the only connections the villains have to the good guys are Ben-Vader(if you didn’t watch the prequels right before going into this movie their interactions mean fuck all) and Leia-Tarkin(who only ever meet up once), really. There’s so little emotion in scenes where the goodies are going up against the baddies.

All of that, plus the audio is really fucking annoying. The quality of the actors’ mics is constantly changing and it really fucks me up

That said, the one thing I LOVE about the movie is the trench run. It’s probably the only intense and edge-of-your-seat moment in that movie. That was really well done, I loved all the pilots being shot down one by one and the moment when Luke turns off his targeting computer and that FUCKING RAD music kicks in is one of my favourite Stat Wars moments


If you like history and history from WWII this can be the right movie for you :smiley:.

Anthropoid (2016) Biography, History, Thriller. 7,5 on

ANTHROPOID is based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the World War II mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich. The Reich’s third in command after Hitler and Himmler, Heydrich was the main architect behind the Final Solution and the leader of occupying Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia whose reign of terror prompted self-exiled Czech and Slovak soldiers (Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan) to hatch a top-secret mission that would change the face of Europe forever.


I didn’t really rate the latest Star Wars either isn’t there another one not too far away?


I just saw Postal. I honestly never thought Uwe Boll would make anything remotely good other than Rampage, and I was clearly wrong. If he just stuck to comedies, his career would have been so much better.


I just ended watching ‘The Green Mile’ and I’m still crying…


So I just watched the Russian movie Idi I smotr (Come and See) which is about the horrors the Nazis did to the Soviets in World War II. One of the most horrifying WW2 movies I have seen. Maybe you @sgg847 can recommend some other Russian movies? and horror movies specifically?