1 game 21 maps - question

Ok as I understand it we will soon only have 1 game no more 1, 2, 3 it’s all under one roof so to speak. GREAT!!!

does that mean if I have HM 1 & HM 2 on steam I will now have HM# all as one?

H1 and 2 remain unchanged, everything is still the same as they are today.
H3 would be replaced by HITMAN-WoA
The changes are mostly useful to new players. If you’ve already bought the whole game, the change don’t mean many to you, it’s just a name-changing.


Hitman 1 and 2 will be removed from storefronts, thus meaning you have to get World of Assassination in order to access these locations starting the 26th. If you have previously gotten 1 or 2, they will remain in your games library, they just wont be available for purchase. I believe in order to get World of Assassination, you must buy the game again since it doesn’t say anything about 1 and 2 owners getting the new game nor does it say that the complete the set feature off steam includes the base games, just the DLC.

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Hitman 1&2 players can get the free starter pack for Hitman 3 to import their stuff over, if not Hitman 3 will still be able to be purchased standalone to people who own 1&2 but not H3

Nobody has to buy anything again.

The full info on what’s going on available here:

Read it carefully and it will answer the most of the questions


For those who already own all three games there will be a free update that will transform HITMAN 3 to HITMAN World of Assassination.
You won’t have to do anything, just update the game.
If you don’t have HITMAN 3 yet, just either buy it now or wait till the update on 26th is finished and buy one of two versions (or both, for the fullest game possible) of HITMAN 3 after they become available.
If you don’t have HITMAN 3 yet, I suggest you to wait and buy it already after the transformation is done.
All the other info can be found in the article I liked in my post just above