2 ioi Accounts... trouble doing carryover? No Problem heres the answer

Ok I have had the battle to get things fixed, I have worked with @Dennis_IOI and @Urben and nothing seemed to work then I found a post on Reddit that started me to think outside the box, here is what I had going on

  1. I have had ioi account for years, used it in steam and that’s where my progress was at.
  2. when I had to make an account on Epic, their system was crazy and said my ioi account was invalid and made me make a new ioi account.

This was causing all kinds of issues as you can Imagine…

to fix this follow these steps…

  1. go to the account you made on EPIC and log in through
    2)click to log into the account you made for EPIC
  2. go to settings and UNLINK your epic account
  3. log out of your game, and restart…it will prompt you to make a new account again

Heres when you need to get creative
Use the SAME email you used on your original ioi account… it will send an email to your email, click, and link to your Epic… now you can do the carry over