2 Questions about Sgàil

  1. In several Contracts, Portman must be eliminated by Consumed Poison. Is it possible to do that without making him approach one of the 2 food serving stations of the map ?

  2. Once dug and visible, i can not pick the Hackl 9s covert because the prompt does not appear. Is there something else required than digging ?

For Portman, he is not allowed to go upstairs because of the 2 guards at the stairs - if you remove them from the equation by using emetics or KO’ing them, he sneaks upstairs and I believe you can then serve him at the bar. I’m going from memory though, so that may not be 100% correct.


Holy cow! I never even thought to remove them. He’s got the wrong colour robe so I just assumed he could not bc even if he got past them then everyone else would notice he’s not supposed to be there. I LOVE stuff like this. Going to try it now.

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So I just tried it. Nope. After I used the Seiger on both guards Jason changed his route and went from reading his book on the couch to going to the railing overlooking the stairs to smoke and back. Even after the guards returned that’s all he did. I can’t remember if he usually continues to ask the guards to let him pass or not, but he certainly didn’t sneak upstairs for me.

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Hmm, maybe my memory was wrong then - I could have sworn he kept asking the guards on his loop, and I’m sure I’ve seen a video of him walking up the stairs. I may test this out tonight.

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This is indeed an Easter Egg revealed this year by one of the devs :

To trigger it, once the guards are not there anymore, the player must move 47 to the small room near the computer for the lights (the one with the cleaner, Lounge floor) and use the peephole.

Portman walks a bit upstairs, make some comments to “himself”, but then he restarts his routine as normal. I fear that the only way to poison him is to exploit the deficient code, i.e. show him an illegal item and drive him to a station to serve food, alas.