2 Questions about the progression carryover

  • It says in the decription that the carryover will be a one time thing… So do I really just have one shot at this? If I unlock something in H2 after that and try another carryover it would be too late? Or is it just that the carryover deletes progress already made in H3? (I have not played H3 as of now)

  • Also: Since Hitman levels are not unlocked for steam owners as of yet, if I do the carryover without having all the old levels unlocked, won´t that be a problem? I fear that my progress of those levels will be lost if I do so… Not the items I unlocked but the missions storys and all that stuff.

I won´t risk the carryover (and therefore will not play H3) until I know the answer to those questions… Would be thankfull for some clarification. Signed into the forum because of that.

I believe if you unlock stuff in Hitman 2 after it will not carry over.

It’s just your progress - i.e. you challenges, unlocks and mastery levels. It doesn’t have anything to do with actually having the old maps downloaded. So you’ll be fine if you carry rpgress before downloading the old maps.

So my progress on H2 maps will not carry over in any case?

Your progress and items from H2 maps will carry over even if you don’t yet have access to the maps themselves.

Ok, that would be great. Official statements on that topic are a bit confusing to me.

I guess I will unlock a bit more on H2 before I try the carryover…

If you’re planning to get HITMAN 3 on Steam once it appears there, I’d recommend you not to carryover your progress just now.
Because as it’s told, it’s a one time thing. And I believe once you carried the progress to Epic, you’ll be locked to it forever. You couldn’t transfer all the progress back to Steam, as it stands right now.
But if you don’t much care of it, or not going to get H3 on Steam, go ahead.

As for direct answers:

  1. Once you’ve transferred the progress, that’s it. You can’t do nothing more about it at a later date
  2. Developers promise to sort things out and eventually give H2 locations in Epic Store for free to the owners of H2 on Steam. You either have to wait for unknown amount of time, or buy the pass and get access immidiately. All your progress will be transferred and saved regardless. Just you couldn’t get access to the levels until one of the things I described in a previous sentence comes first

Although I would prefer steam of course, I already bought it and to buy H3 again in a year would just be a waste of money - so I am not concerend about that.

I don´t understand why this has to be a one time thing only. Same as those elusive contracts, I just got into Hitman and missed all of them - gotta say I really dislike the concept of buying a game, where some of the best extra content is locked away forever now… Really would like to go after Sean Bean for example, so the whole system there is a bad joke. Have not found anything on how H3 will change “the formula” of that yet.

That you have to buy H2 access pass right now is also very lame. Why does this take weeks? Just to get some players to pay for it again, because they can´t wait? I mean they knew for a while that this was gonna be a problem and did nothing. Just give us the access pass on epic, like you did with H1 ! What is so complicated about that?

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