22% Perfect | 4 great missions vs 14 chore missions

In this video I would like to make the argument that 4 perfect missions and 14 chore missions make it hard to have fun in Freelancer. I also think that the 14 chore missions are only barely enjoyable because of the money and unlocks. The 14 chore missions should get some dynamic syndicate takedown gameplay mixed into them, and make the core gameplay more dynamic, by making the targets not just be already existing npcs (most targets in chore missions are already existing npcs)

Because the perfect 4 missions are amazing. The targets by patrolling the map (and having an entourage that can call them to flee) create gameplay clouds that wander the map which keeps the player engaged. However the 14 chore missions have nothing of that. They are deterministic, and the average player knows after 5 seconds of opening the map what to do.


im actually the opposite. i really enjoy the 14 “chore” missions and, in all honesty, i wish they went a little more chaotic with it and made it so any npc could be a target. obviously that is a wildly unpopular thing for me to say because that would make many targets a huge pain in the ass but it would encourage more creativity i feel. i love the random aspect to it, but im pretty sure that its not fully random in freelancer and that the npcs that end up being targets have their pathing altered to allow for kill opportunities.


I played in the CTT where it was completely random. Allow me to dissuade you through my own experience: It’s not fun. “How do I get rid of this completely stationary NPC standing in the middle of a crowd?” is a fun challenge once because it has only a few solutions: Emetic darts/fart case or laboriously coining and KOing everyone in the vicinity. It’s not that it can’t be done, but is incredibly dull and boring doing it for the 100th time. When every third mission involves this task it just makes you groan and not want to play anymore. You will notice now that almost all targets in freelancer move about, and some maps have mobile NPCs added to them that aren’t there in the campaign simply to add more variety, and these NPCs tend to have exceptionally long paths that take them all over the level. This isn’t just about making it easier to engage them, it’s also about presenting targets in different places and situations, and allowing for different solutions. Hitman is ultimately a video game, and video games are supposed to be challenging and entertaining. Killing stationary NPCs can be challenging, but it is always boring.


Imagine if a mission story could be lost if the conversation meant to start said mission was interrupted by you standing too close and the NPCs forgot what they were talking about before being “rudely interrupted”.