35 Commemorative Token in Magpie Challenge

It took me a long~ long~ time to finish, and here I’ll write it down in case someone needs help.

There are 4 ways to collect tokens:

  1. There are 3 initiates and each of them would carry 2~3 tokens. They dress white robe and wear a funny white hat (like pajamas).
  2. Every person in purple robe near the initiate welcoming room might carry 1~3 tokens.
  3. Every man in swallowtail near the initiate welcoming room might carry 1~2 tokens.
  4. There are tokens spreading all over the map. Usually they are on tables or chests indoors, or with a candle together somewhere outside. It’s difficult to describe every locations so just go over the map and use your instinct view everywhere - they are highlighted in instinct view.

I almost collected all tokens in the map first, then realized that purple robes and swallowtails also carry them. I’m not sure if you can collect enough only from persons, but I hope my article could help you.

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