47’s Face and the Partners

One thing I noted during the Dubai level was that Marcus and Carl cannot recognize 47 from his facial features, but they can recognize Grey’s face rather easily.

Of course, this is with the assumption the player isn’t doing anything suspicious as 47 and isn’t spotted by either of them.

For the story nerds out there, weren’t all the providence partners already aware of what 47 looks like? If they can figure out Grey’s features, how come they don’t know 47? I am probably overthinking it, but I am curious nonetheless.

If I recall, the constant was already in-possession of a picture of 47 when he was very young, but I am not sure if there was a ICA picture that he likely had access to as well.

In the, “Ark Society”, I assumed the constant wasn’t able to recognize 47 because he was wearing a mask, and most of the disguises were effective in disgusting 47’s facial features.

Grey was a known quantity because of his position as Cobb’s head of security. Edwards did an extensive dig into his background, and he shared his findings with the Partners. No one else is both aware of their existence and looking for revenge. 47, for his part, is extremely talented at blending in. Should they have taken the extra precaution of memorizing what he’d look like in different outfits? Absolutely. But their problem is that they’re out of the habit of being paranoid.

When Grey approaches the Herald in Johannesburg, he says “When you’re invisible, you stop looking over your shoulder.” And that’s someone near the bottom of the pyramid. I imagine people who have had generations of power and anonymity aren’t used to be cautious, hence why they would show up to a confined space during a public opening for what looks like at least an overnight stay if Ingram’s bedroom suite is anything to go by.


Well said! It makes sense now.

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As @Bourbon pointed out, the partners were keenly aware of Grey bc of the little PowerPoint presentation Edwards put on for them. I think that’s the cutscene where Carlisle has the line “if you’re all done wetting yourself with excitement” :joy:. Which shows she is not impressed by talented operator types bc she knows they are a dime dozen to someone like her.

But what I wanted to add is that Edwards could easily conceal the identity of 47 from them bc knowledge is power and now he’s got something the partners don’t. Edwards tells Diana it wasn’t all a grand scheme and he just played the hand he was dealt, but people like that are always looking for the next angle to play and are constantly filing away information for later use and/or working to obfuscate any information that potentially could lead to a situation where they have the upper hand. It wouldn’t surprise me if Edwards intentionally never shared 47s looks/info with the partners. He could have easily pretended he was doing all he could but he was coming up empty.


What Carlisle said was funny because it was the same operators who dismantled her empire and terminated her. I guess she learned that she is still vulnerable, no matter how much she likes to pretend she is, “all balls, no heart”.

Yes, you are right as well. Edwards is very good. I would not be surprised if he deliberately obfuscated critical information from the three partners. It could be he wanted to be the only partner and saw ICA as a, “necessary evil”, to get what he wants.

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Alternatively, they may have known about 47 but didn’t pay much attention to him. Mistook him for nothing but a bullet. Initially he was some ICA assassin that was supposed to take care of their Grey problem. Below their notice. That’s why they have Edwards, to take care of the details.

Then later 47 switched sides, but they still underestimated him. Obviously Grey was the brains behind the operation. The dangerous man who recruited all kinds of criminals. 47 was just another asset. If Sean Rose, Alma Reynard or Wazir Kale – high-ranking members of the militia – would’ve walked past them they wouldn’t have recognized them either. They were solely focused on Grey (and later Edwards after he betrayed them).