5 KindaFunny Featured Contracts

Kinda Funny is an online entertainment company that produces videos and podcasts on video game culture, film, television, and comics. You can find them at www.kindafunny.com

They’ve made 5 contracts in Dartmoor, England. Enjoy

  1. The Mystery Of The Tricky Trio
  2. Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic
  3. The Assassination Of GJM
  4. The Butler’s Butcher
  5. Revenge Of The Rhododendron Ferrugineum

This is a set of five contracts that are all enjoyable when taken by themselves, but I was surprised to see about three target repeats, two with the same kill condition and one with the same kill condition AND disguise! But hey, at least none of the contracts were timed (I do not really care, but I know others hate those)

  1. The Mystery Of The Tricky Trio 2/5
    Three well known targets, but with some fun kill conditions. Sadly, one of these targets is complettely copied in the very next contract. The no recordings complication was a stroke of genius :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Don’t you know that you’re toxic 3/5
    This contract is very similar to the fifth one, but I enjoyed number 5 better as the targets were less well-known. I did learn that Alexa drinks something besides the whiskey downstairs, however, so it was not all for nothing. Very standard.

  1. The Assassination of GJM 4.5/5
    This was my favourite of the set. Some interesting kill conditions, and the targets are not that easy to get suit only. I would have liked it if you could not change disguises , but this is probably better for a general audience that might not like suit only contracts (maybe you couldn’t change disguises, didn’t really check, in which case I retract this comment)

  2. The Butler’s Butcher 3/5
    Not much to say, just a fun little contract, nothing really challenging. However, the required exit bugged for me so that I could not see where to go. For people with the same issue: The exit is the motorcycle at the default start.

  3. Revenge Of The Rhododendron Ferrugineum 4/5
    Similar to 2, but with lesser known targets, and you have to enter the house while dressed as a gardener (well you do not HAVE to, but why wouldn’t you). I found this one a fun way to end the set, even though it looked somewhat like number 2.

I think I preferred this set over the last one, but that might be because I prefer Dartmoor over Dubai for now. I think both are good fun…


Hey so I made the contract Revenge of the Rhododendron Ferrugineum. I’m surprised they went with it over my other submission or anyone else’s considering the similarities to Snowbike Mike’s but I’m glad they did! Hope you all like it.

I managed to get #1 on PS4 before all you experts got your hand at it.
Here’s my run: (skips during the poison making were the recording messing up not intentional and yes I forgot the keys at the end lol)


Are you affiliated wirh kindafunny, or did they curate contracts made by other players? Sorry if this sounds strange, I just never heard of kindafunny so I don’t know who is part of it.

No affiliation, the way it worked the first 2 contracts are made by Kinda Funny team members Blessing and Snowbike Mike. The remaining 3 were selected from community contracts that were submitted through their site that they asked for during one of their streams. My understanding is that 3 of the team members each chose their favorite on a specific platform, 1 for each PC, PS4, and Xbox.


02:04 “The Mystery Of The Tricky Trio” By Blessing
10:02 “Don’t You Know That You Are Toxic?” By Snowbike Mike
19:20 “The Assassination of GJM” By Matt Rorabeck
28:47 “The Butler’s Butcher” By Bobby Monaco
34:50 “Revenge Of The Rhododendron Ferrugineum” By Deimatic


I have done 3 out of 5 and I don’t think they’re as fun as Dubai’s, but they’re still enjoyable.

I hope we get more of these kinds of featured contracts, as I think they are much better than average. Usually contracts mode is all about weird item tossing chains and exhausting puzzle mechanics for 5 targets across the whole map, making you repeat 10 minutes of progress every time you mess up. These are much better balanced for quick and fun play sessions, which is what I think contracts is best as. Just my opinion though, I’m sure many disagree.

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Finished the other two. “The Assassination of GWC” or whatever was the only one I had trouble with. Not sure how you’d do it without a sieker to poison the main guy. Didn’t know there was a second unicorn horn on the map, weird. Anyway… same as above, pretty enjoyable overall and happy to have the content.

I liked them better than the last batch because it forced me to learn Dartmoor. I barely played it after Mastery lvl 20 so these were pretty cool.

I am pretty sure there are at least four unicorn horns in Dartmoor (I count two around the front (statue + close to Patrick’s car), one at the backside and one inside) and I probably missed a statue or two.

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I’d definitely say that was kinda funny :wink: I was annoyed by it at first until I realised it was a joke

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Played through these yesterday, relatively straight forward but I enjoyed all 5 of them.

Really liking the way they’ve split the featured contracts into 2 sets of 5 rather than 1 set of 10.


Yeah I agree, 5 is a much more manageable number. Gives each contract its own breathing room. Plus it feels like more content over the course of the month

Unfortunately I reckon this is a bi-product of two companies doing featured contracts this month. So next month will be back to one block of 10 fan made contracts again probably


Ahh I didn’t realise this was a one time thing just for February.

They could do 2 different batches of 5 both with different themes, that would be pretty cool.

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My review of this batch

The Mystery Of The Tricky Trio - 2.5/5

Decent targets as they’re important NPCs and the kill conditions were alright. But it became a tad trivial when you can start off in the detectives disguise, take the other two out, and then eliminate him last as he’ll stay in place by his car.

Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic - 1.5/5

The kills were at least consistent, but the choice of disguises didn’t make sense to me. But the mandatory complications, that had no impact on the contract except limiting your creativity and insta-failing you, were awful. Makes me also think the disguise conditions were just crammed in there because they could, not for any design reason

The Assassination Of GJM - 3/5

Three interestingly placed targets. But they were very spread apart, so the flow wasn’t really there. Also the complications made no sense again here. Could’ve done with a No Disguise Change complication since all the kills required a suit but I’m okay they didn’t, a creative choice :man_shrugging:

The Butler’s Butcher - 3.5/5

Best one of the lot to me. The Fernsby kill was nice and open to your choice. The other two were hard in their own ways to reach, even with the OP staff disguise. The only downside was the glitched exit (motorcycle btw)

Revenge Of The Rhododendron Ferrugineum - 3.5/5

A nice simple poison one to round it off, not much to say. And praise the lord no random conditions :pray:

These contracts overlap a bit too much in terms of targets and kill methods in my opinion. But I guess that’s to be expected when they’re all on the same fairly small map.

Unfortunately pointless conditions were a big theme here (except the last). They really should read Urben’s contract making guide :sweat_smile:

I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get a sniper kills contract like we saw in the February roadmap trailer, but I guess IO put that together before the contracts were submitted :man_shrugging:

Overall I preferred the MinnMax contracts in Dubai a far bit more, but most of these were okay


Yo, why is there another PEAplays on the leaderboard? Can you create an account with a username already taken?

I would bet this is an old bug from HITMAN 2 when nicknames in Leaderboard could copy themselves.
In reality there is another person there, but you (or even the others) could see a duplicate of a nickname.
I believe this could be the case if the other’s nickname contains some special character(s)


IO’s a bit slow on the uptake


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