$50 Giveaway Bangkok SONKO, Master, Fiber Wire

Hey guys, the title pretty much says it all. I’m willing to give away $50 to anyone who can complete “Club 27” Silent Assassin, Suit Only, No Kos, Fiber Wire kills.
It’s a pretty tough run! The run of course has to be recorded and uploaded in this thread. (if there is more than one run, of course best time gets it)
I honestly don’t think is possible… I think $50 is a good incentive to make some madlads go for it
The payment is gonna be trough PayPal, if you don’t have an account you can create one for free.
The deadline is August 1st, Good luck!


I’m just letting you know, since you’re putting money out there, that emetic items like the sieker are going to make this a lot easier for people than you think.


I tried this challenge like a year ago using 3 sieker bullets and still couldn’t complete it
Now that I think about it, on Hitman 3 you can have 4 bullets using both Sieker and Kalmer, and there is emetic in the basement.
Still pretty tough, considering you won’t have a silencer pistol, plenty of cameras, the exit is annoying, getting to Jordan is annoying…


When speedrunners can do crazy kills like the Ken Morgan one in the video below,I don’t think that emetic items are a problem at all. :joy:


It took me about 4-6 hours in total to complete this. I basically had nothing to do, so I tried doing this challenge. I pretty much regretted it.
I put the two successful sections together (before save, after save).
Not counting all the fails, my time was 10:20.
I will only post the video link to PEA in case somebody wants to optimize my run.


I guess it’s on professional difficulty, right?

It isn’t mentioned in the description, but the title does claim Master.

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It’s on Master and you are allowed to save.

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Did anyone win before I attempt this fuckery?

Done, 12:18. PM sent. :wink:

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Challenge considered. Ball-busting versus $50.

Tough decisions.

Yo, congrats @bgyorok , you won!

Here is the run:


Nice run! Congrats to @bgyorok


I should have joined this forum earlier! :slight_smile: