7 Deadly Sins Upcoming Predictions

Considering the 7 DS suits are all suits so far, I’m not holding out for the butcher outfit being part of one of the DLCs. I think it’s just a leftover concept from the Deluxe Escalations.

Maybe, if it doesn’t appear for Gluttony, we’ll get it later down the line…


I think we’re more likely to see the Butcher suit as a Featured Contracts reward or if they add a challenge track for Hitman 3 escalations have it be a reward there.

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I think this seems the most appropriate option as that disguise was definitely built around 47’s appearance from ‘A Meat Kings Party’. It was probably an idea for the Deluxe Pack like you said but got left aside possibly?


Hopefully they release it in some free content pack later on. According to dataminers, the tools all seem to work fine and the outfit is fully modeled (or mostly?). Feels weird to have this single piece of ‘Flashback’ content just sitting in the files.

Or they release it as paid DLC (if it’s indeed separate from the 7DS stuff), but uh, I don’t think that would be wise…


The season of Lust suit could be… maybe I’m so old, but I can’t help but imagine the type of suit John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever. “Birthday Suit” is funny, but seriously.

And, since I happen to catch a video the other day of some of the Beta content… If they’re going to give us OP’ed items, then a gun with a Point Shooting Perk would be so freaking cool! That’d be perfect for Wrath, and I’d buy the whole DLC just for that alone!

Edit: But that’d be too good to be true. I will not put any hope in such a thing happening.

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I’ve mentioned this before on the IOI Insider stream thread, but I think it’s more fitting to put it here:
I predict that the Lust ET will be something along the lines of The Paramour.
For Envy, I predict something along the lines of The Influencer.
For Gluttony, all I can think of that wouldn’t conflict with The Chef and The Food Critic is The Philanthropist.
I have no idea for Wrath.

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Kind of hard to believe we only have 4 more seasons left in 7DS. Seems very underwhelming to me so far. Hopefully the future roadmaps include a lot more.


Funny, that’s on Hari Raya Haji.

Just so people know



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none of those people know anything about anything really. the butcher suit was to be the reward for a now-cancelled deluxe escalation that used the codename smilax

It’s all about trying to guess and figure it out. It’s all part of the fun and we’re all a sucker for this when a game trailer drops and we’re trying to speculate about every part of the trailer.

It’s unfair to say those speculating about the butcher suit know anything about anything.


what i’m saying that most of the people who think the butcher suit could be the gluttony unlock have not seen the butcher assets - or the info we have about gluttony - for themselves

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