7 Deadly Sins Upcoming Predictions

Talk about it here. Express your visions of hope and novel ideas. 3 down, 4 to go…Hey! Who had that cool pic of the revised order, I lost mine…please share here again.
How about some flash cards? I’ll bet some of you visual wizards out there could do some art with those. Your work on your contracts as a collective is glorious!
Lust is next, right? Make it shiny :star::star::star::star::star:
Man, I sure could use those flash cards…:see_no_evil:


If I have to guess what location the escalations for Lust and the others would be in, I would guess:
Lust - Mendoza
Gluttony - Dubai (if only H3 maps apply to sins)
Wrath - Berlin
Envy - maybe Carpathian Mountains?

What would they be like?
Lust - kill people with poison probably
Gluttony - eat at certain stations to be able to go on (although that’s exactly what Sloth was)
Wrath - massacre?
Envy - ?


Mendoza sounds good…poison as well :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:
I’m with you there.
Thanks for kickin’ it off! :point_up::sunglasses::dart:

Do you have a single clue as to what Envy might be?

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I’m still thinking on it. I’ll take a guess later if I can :thinking:

I like the locations of Gluttony and Wrath you picked. They fit like a :gloves:

I think Envy would fit in Chongqing

My prediction is there will be 3 more escalations on the remaining 3 maps so each map got its own 7DS remix, and to end it off we’ll get a Special Assignment mission. I think the locations will be Lust - Mendoza, Gluttony - Berlin, Wrath - Carpathian Mountains, and Envy - Dubai to bring it full circle

Gameplay-wise, I think Lust will be having to do things while dealing with stalkers (like the one escalation dressed as the Shaman in Santa Fortuna but more complex). I think Gluttony will deal with serving people poisoned food (maybe having a target that needs to be poisoned multiple times for it to take effect). Wrath will probably encourage you to make kills as bloody and violent as possible, and I chose Carpathian Mountains cause it has a high density of NPCs to kill. For Envy, I think it’ll be a Special Assignment where your target acts normally but all the NPCs have a useful item you can take from them when they’re knocked out (like how the ICA Agents in Berlin all drop an item).

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Very cool ideas! Can’t wait to see who guesses right! Thanks for sharing!:grin:

I’d say Lust will be in Berlin tbh

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My Map Predictions

Lust - Berlin

  • I feel like Lust can go 2 ways, it can either go the normal lust way or a blood lust way. If it were to be a normal lust theme I would suspect we would have to kill those half naked dancers, the rewards would be 47 wearing only his blazer, tie, and pants, a heart explosive and a reskin of the ICA Executive briefcase but white and heart decals tatted all over it. If it were to go the blood lust way I would presume the premise of it would be to fill the giant pig outside of the juice bar outside with blood. The rewards would be a white suit with blood splatters on it, a new katana, and a new duck explosive.

Gluttony - Mendoza

  • The premise of Gluttony would be to poison party guests, the rewards would be that hamburger outfit from the Hitman 2016 announcement trailer, and lethal gum and emetic gum.

Wrath - Carpathian Mountains

  • On a passenger train, like the deluxe escalation set here, you must eliminate a target once every minute, but you’re not allowed to be spotted. Not sure what the unlocks would be.

Envy - ???

  • ???

Dedicated Animal and color with each sin:

Greed - “Frog” & “Yellow”

Pride - “Horse” & “Violet”

Sloth - “Goat” & “Light Blue”

Lust - “Cow” & “Blue”

Gluttony - “Pig” & “Orange”

Wrath - “Bear” & “Red”

Envy - “Dog” & “Green”


Also talking about ETs:
Wrath will probably be a general or maybe war criminal (I’m aware of Adeze Oijofor)
Envy or Lust might already have a leaked ET (I’m not going to say anything, since it’s a leak)
Gluttony might be a chef? (although that would contradict Gabriel Santos)


Looking at the past sin themed ETs, they’re all deadly murderers somehow, so my predictions are that

Lust - is going to be somebody with good looks luring people in and murdering them,
Gluttony - is another chef that poisons people,
Wrath - not entirely sure about this one but I think it could be someone getting mad at everything??
Envy - A past target that survived and is now hunting us down

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Return of The Undying?

Now that you say it, I think IOI will actually make ETs that kill people with their deadly sins.

Kody Haynes wanted the best paintings for himself, even killing people for it. (Greed)
Joanne Bayswater was way too into being another hitman, and wanted everyone to use her service. (Pride)
Terrence Chesterfield got way too lazy with inspections, killing people in the process. (Sloth)


Once step closer to that leaked butcher suit :wink:


by the looks of it that butcher suit won’t be apart of 7ds

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A lot of people were speculating it may be part of ‘Gluttony’ but we’ll have to see.


Just as a kind of wayward thought, think that for Wrath, have someone notorious in media for their anger and rage, like Gordon Ramsay or Morton Downey. Remember when the wildcard was out, we had us the Busey himself, couldn’t hurt if we get some themed targets coming up for the sins

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When is the next sin coming?

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Lust will be on July 20th.

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That if schedule isn’t revised.
Could be postponed for a day or two.
Better follow IOI’s twitter for any updates

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