A bit of insight

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about what I’ve been up to lately, especially since some of you have noticed my limited activity on this forum.

Exciting Collaborations:
I’m currently in the process of onboarding a new IO Interactive content creator who, while not entirely dedicated in the world of HITMAN, will be helping me make some content, yes, that might even mean the return of the patch note videos or streams? :wink:

Future Plans:
There’s a lot brewing behind the scenes for the remainder of the year for HITMAN, catching up has taken quiet some time, but I’m truly excited to see how you all will react to what we have in store. Your enthusiasm and engagement are what fuels us!

Our Store:
I’ve been focusing on enhancing our store not only to stock it with cool items but also to set the stage for future activation’s that I believe will excite and benefit our community. This is also part of a broader effort to better support and reward the content creators who contribute daily to the game visibility.

Player Support:
Improving our player support has been a priority. I’m looking into ways to optimize the support and make sure old and new tickets goes quicker and smoother to handle.

Our Socials:
Another major focus has been on broadening our reach to include regions where HITMAN hasn’t had as much of a social presence. Bridging these gaps is crucial for developing a truly global community.

It’s been a whirlwind juggling these various initiatives, but I’m committed to making sure that all these efforts resonate with you and enhance your experience as a part of the HITMAN community.

Feel free to ask anything here (though I can’t spill the beans on specifics like upcoming ETs). I’ll make it a point to check in more frequently and keep the lines of communication open.

Looking forward to your thoughts and questions!


So, more than one, huh?
Good to know.

No surprise you’re not so active here (though no doubt active “behind the scenes” and this post confirms) as you’re new person to IOI and you need to integrate yourself in the stream of what Travis and Clemens left for you.
From me I can wish you luck in your current role and hope that at some point after you are fully integrated, you’ll become as active member of this forum as anyone of us are.
Thank you for sharing and waiting for an exciting future


Well, its not only what they have done etc, its also I am splitting some attention to the other projects ;D

yes more than one ;D

But I will try to be more active from now already. :smiley:


If it’s ok to ask since it wasn’t fixed last patch is there a chance next patch the brine covered and scrap smgs not being usable in starting weapon slot gets fixed also more than one new ET excites me


Please, please, please make a Codename 47 Stream with Rasmus Højengaard, where you guys play C47 and talk about its development.

Your Predecessors sadly only did something like that once and of course with Blood Money… :disappointed:

Codename 47 HD Remaster for consoles when?


Remake I can not answer anything about,

but I will try to make a stream happen with Rasmus in the future!


Because you are not allowed to talk about projects that are currently worked on? :eyes:

That would be extremely amazing! Rasmus probably doesn’t know it, but he worked on one of the best games ever made and is the sole reason why I still have a PC around, just to play it.


One thing I think would really help with player support is better communicating known issues on the game, either by consistently updating the Known Issues page which has barely ever been updated, or by some other page like a post on here you edit and update frequently. It’s really hard to tell if reported issues are even known about by the dev team and being worked on or if the devs just never got informed of them.

Case in point: Hokkaido’s map screen not displaying properly which has been an issue in Hitman 3 since launch and was partially but never fully fixed. Been reported several times by me and other people over the years.


So, the known issues are something we are looking into updating soon.


I don’t want to ruin anyone’s excitement, but… well, here we go. Be mindful of what @Combatglue’s actual words are. He said he can’t comment on upcoming ETs. That doesn’t mean upcoming new ETs. It might, it might not. We’re aware of precisely one that’s gonna be new, but we also know that there’s a lot more existing ETs that haven’t returned yet for this year, and it’s likely that he’s just encompassing the release of all ETs in general, rather than specifically saying there’s gonna be more than one new ET. Still could be, but don’t base your anticipation off of a misinterpretation of the statement.

Having said that, it’s good to know that new content of some sort is coming, even if it’s just new unlockable, and so of course, I have to wonder if the Tactical Turtleneck with gloves is stacked somewhere in the deck.


I just want one final location thats the ether facility so my feeble monkey brain can get dopamine releases through new and creative assassination methods.


@Combatglue by the way.
There are two annoying bugs appeared I guess after recent update.
First is that sometimes game brings up default starting mission point if choosing some different one.
It happens occasionally but quite often.
Let’s say I’m starting Dartmoor and want to start behind a mansion.
I choose this starting point, select start mission and game brings me to the motorbike starting point.
In Hokkaido when I’m trying to start at the morgue, game sometimes brings me to default 47 suite.
I hope you got the idea of this bug.

Second one happens when guards are alerted and should be in Search mode which is shown above the minimap.
There are times when nearly the whole map alerted and guards are in search mode and NPCs are in panic and the minimap just shows nothing above itself like nothing happening.
It’s sometimes uncomfortable and confusing if I’m relying on minimap status.
If guards are in search and minimap shows nothing, I can be easily busted if I’m out of cover.
So both of those bugs are quite annoying and game breaking.
Leaving this here for you to push this info forward faster than through other places to get those bugs fixed quicker

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Could you elaborate on that? This sounds interesting but knowing which regions you’re focusing on and how would probably help to support the initiative by word of mouth.


Might be safe to assume that Combatglue is talking about posting more frequently on TikTok and Insta, where previously Hitman was hardly active if at all on those social platforms (especially on TikTok these days)


Can you make a ticket at our support desk, and dm me the number?


One thing i would adore for IOI to do is target analysis.

They’re are so many headcannons and fan theories that make the targets so detailed and i feel talking about the characters, forming your own and maybe putting some wilder ones to rest would be a fun change of pace.

I can dream :sweat_smile:

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For example, last year’s release of Freelancer mode sparked a significant surge on TikTok, leading to a high volume of user-generated content. In response, we’re focusing on creating more content for TikTok and exploring similar platforms like MX TakaTak in India to repurpose our videos potentially. Additionally, we’re considering opportunities on BiliBili in China. We aim to efficiently utilize our resources across these platforms while maintaining our presence where we’re already active.

Remember, social media resources and development resources are two distinct entities.


Sounds like a fun idea,
now this might be a silly question, but I guess there is a few theories gathered on the forum than?


There is loads on Tumblr as well as on Twitter, definitely some on reddit. Not sure about here minus the Lucas Grey fan club page (which is excellent, and there is answers on it we need to know… When is his birthday???) But i sure do have some theories and the like about Ezra I keep meaning to share


Samir, thanks for the update. While I certainly didn’t think your stretches of silence were due to you twiddling your thumbs while waiting for work to come your way, it’s nice to have an idea of the behind the scenes work keeping you busy.

Speaking for myself, what I’m most interested in, beyond new content and main game items in Freelancer, is QOL updates and changes.

The last patch had a plethora of bug fixes, which is greatly appreciated, but honestly very little of that affected me. But then you guys come along and add a QOL change to the challenges menus, letting us now sort by unlocks, and that’s been very helpful.

Back when the team made changes to the options menu, so players could preview what menu options would look like, that was a huge improvement.

When you all finally saw the light and arranged ET and FC challenges in numerical order, I was thrilled that my prayers had been answered.

I do not expect the team to overhaul the entire game’s UI, which I hope you would agree is outdated and clunky, a remnant perhaps of the 2016 era when items and unlocks were fewer and less cumbersome.

I do not expect the guns and explosives to be grouped thematically or visually, instead of alphabetically. Is it weird that the Semtex blocks have inconsistent names and can be found on different ends of the explosives menu? Sure it is… but we’ve learned to live with it.

BUT. There are more QOL changes you guys can make. For example, give me a small button on the very first in game menu that sends me STRAIGHT to the Safehouse. The mode’s been out a while now. If people need to read the description and the how-to, leave it there for them. But most of us just want to open the game and press ONE button to start playing again.

I’m sure there are plenty of other little tweaks to make. Thank you for letting us put katanas back into briefcases — now let us start with any of the SMGs instead of just the two. Maybe let us bring handheld weapons into missions without needing a briefcase. Maybe give an option to skip Diana’s opening dialogue on certain missions, or to prefer in game dialogue over Diana when multiple audio sources are competing for the attention between the ears on my bald head.

Bug fixes are wonderful, and necessary. But let’s acknowledge that trends and expectations evolve over time, and that further UI and menu and in game QOL changes are also necessary to keep the game current and to cut down on frustration.

Also, Molotov in Freelancer please.