A bug found in a escelation mission "The chameleon anonymity"

I’ve just run into a complition-preventing bug in the Chamelon mission. I’ve noticed the bug on the third and last level of complition for this mission. The bug makes it so that your elimination, whilst disguised as a dancer, does not count, even though you obviously are wearing that particular desguise. The error also defies the stated rules for the mission, as you are actually able to wear the dancer disguise for an infinite amount of time, and not the stated 60 seconds. As I’ve returned to this mission just today, after a extended break from Hitman, I remember that complition of this level was very much so possible roughly 5 months ago. And this also would make it that this bug is a relatively new occurrence. I am eager to hear from other players whether they also have run into a similar predicament when playing.
Cya, XYZ.

bug report thread


I completed this again about a week ago on my quest to 100% everything. I didn’t have any problems on Xbox.

The rules for level 3 state, “Dancer, Queen’s Guard, and Thug disguise can be worn once, and for 60 seconds only. Laundry Worker disguise can be worn only once. Textile Worker disguise can be worn only once.” It sounds like you’re over-staying your welcome in one of the disguises or you’re changing back into one you’ve already used.


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I completed this Escalation recently-ish (within the last 2 weeks, I think), and I didn’t experience any of the OP’s issues. One for the Bug Report thread, as per @Hichkas’s posted link above.

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There is no need to be so rude. I simply pointed out that playing on Xbox recently I experienced everything as intended. I had a 60 second limit on wearing the Dancer disguise and failed the mission when the timer ran out. Changing back into the Laundry Worker disguise also failed the mission.

It would help if you stated which platform you’re playing on, as it’s clearly not affecting all platforms. But as has been explained, there is a bug thread you should be posting in.


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