A change to the emetic rat poison

I think we should be able to place the emetic on tables or w/e close to whom we want sick and 47 can shoot it to cause it to burst in a cloud of smoke making them sick. This is possible with the sniper prison as we can shoot it and poison the targets food. The coding is there so implement it into the other maps. Alot of times we don’t bring a sieker or the fart bomb in the case and new players wont have this. Depending on what challenges we want to do or our kill methods we don’t bring these EZ things with us making it very hard to make certain npc’s sick. 1 example of this is the chef in Mendoza. He never moves as far as i can tell. Without the EZ items you cant make him sick to take his disguise without high risk of getting spotted using a syringe. It would be a nice alternative to move npc’s around and keep SA rating plus frees up slots for us to bring other items with us.


That mechanic only exists in Sniper Assassin because you can’t physically interact with anything in that mode besides using bullets. Same reason why you can lure people with multiple shots (also a mechanic people have asked for in the regular game). I don’t think ioi will ever implement those things into the regular game, unfortunately.


Well you can kind of lure someone with a shot at the right distance depending if its a regular pistol or kruger. Ive seen people just crouch place the emetic device behind someone but its very risky. Not timed right you get spotted. A nice alternative for new players would be welcomed…if IO wants to cater to them. Meh wishful thinking i guess. I mean look what they did to the Molotov, made it completely useless. Bring the OG back…and the electric phone. Come on IO we players want to have fun not be restricted.