A couple things id like to see in the next hitman

One would be random events, like washroom breaks every couple hours on random timers. Smoke breaks. Maybe someone has a random addiction.

Be nice if gaurds and vips new their buddy was missing . Gaurds watching security cams notice a gaurd not doing his patrol.

Body drop noise on higher difficulties.

A threat metre , the more mistakes you make, the more alert gaurds get … a gaurd notices his buddy missing, should put gaurds on high alert, and not for 30 seconds then amnesia kicks in.

Id love to see a “camp out here” feature…Say you find a great vantage point to someones bedroom and can pick them off while they sleep. Its the middle of the day, so you decide to set up a trip wire that alerts you if someone is coming . The game then goes into a wait mode where , maybe someone checks , maybe they don’t, maybe they trip your alert wire , maybe you put it in a bad spot, and maybe you forget to set one up . Maybe no one comes and you get the shot you want
… then you escape. If you fail obviously place goes to high alert and now you must escape

Something like that IMO add alot to freelancer. You fail , and leave behind your sniper so you can escape , as the area is littered with cops trying to find you, and a briefcase or duffle bag, looks suspicious. Maybe you take to long to escape a high alerts area and now theyre doing searches on the way out , and have to either find a way around or through?

Obviously the mission would still be the mission, just the additional option to camp out in locations, and have the targets change pathing for other options.

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I like the random events idea but with an option to turn it off for like speed runs and stuff. all of the stuff you said was a great idea Especially the tripwire which is kinda used in Berlin if you go to the tower in the forest there is a tripwire that summons the sniper to start sniping at you)

@Thisguy13 I really like this concept could be great