A DLC Suggestion

Alright, first of all, I know the topic itself sounds as some crazy fanfic from a kid.
But thing is, as far as I know, IOI are not sure what DLC to make, and Ive got an idea you forum bois may be interested in, and who knows, maybe this will turn up implemented.

Okay, my suggestion iiis
Functioning-Berlin-Factory-on-its-best-days-flashback! :tada::tada::tada:

Thing is, remember how in Season 1 first we learned Caruso used to be an ICA client and then we REALLY got a side contract from him, which obviousely was taking its time somewhere back before the triology events? I find this a super nice move!
So how about we go a little further, and get a working Berlin Factory! The massive abandoned construction like that definitely should have some backstory which brought such object to its today’s statement. Something really out of order should have happened to make a nuclear plant being left behind, turning into some night club.

Moreover, we dont get any briefing in Apex Predator, meaning this location may have any sort of a backstory. Why can’t it be an old place 47th used to visit before? Maybe throwing into a reactor some rich bastard arrived to buy the whole complex, maybe cause an actual blow up somewhere in the building. Maybe even enter a petrol station ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What do you guys think? I bet you’d like to see something like that, the location has such a great potential Id love to experience!
Sorry if I put this topic in a wrong place, thing is im new to the forum and still havent got how everything works here.


Great idea, but I feel that’s probably too much for a bonus episode. Most of them only made relatively minor changes to the existing maps. Icon was the exception but that one was rather small. Turning the Nightclub into a working nuclear power plant requires huge changes to almost every single part of the map, which I can’t see happening.