A "fetch" error

I have been getting this error since January update it says “Unable to connect to the HITMAN service. Failed to fetch downloadable content information from the HITMAN server”

I’m on Xbox

I don’t know what to do it’s depressing I am mad I can’t play this game outside of offline and that gives me no unlocks or anything making is a sad mess

You may check whether the game’s service is available with HITMAN Status, a useful website made by fellow member @Hardware. As of right now, services for every platform look to be online, so I’d suggest you tp check your PC/console’s Internet connectivity, otherwise checking whether the platform online service is available. (PSN/Xbox Live)

You may also choose to contact the official player support to have an IOI staff help you. Visit the following website and click the top right button “Submit a request”. Remember to provide more details like your player ID and the platform which you play on.


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I can load the game fine on other profiles on the Xbox and connect to the servers fine, but when I’m on my account I get the problem, I’m on Xbox Series X never had a issue til the January update

Then this sounds more like an account-specific issue. Try to contact IOI and let them know it. You will need to provide them your Xbox player ID in this case.

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Since January 20th, there is a net increase in the number of reports on xbox.

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I’ve also had the same issue, for about as long. I’ve reset my wireless network, tried different settings, etc. What’s strange is yesterday morning, I was able to actually launch the game and played for around 9 hours, with some prompting to reconnect to the network. After I closed the game and came back to it after a couple hours, I got the same “fetch” error again. Still having the same problem now.

Outstanding Issues update :

Xbox Connection
We’re aware of an issue where a small subset of Xbox console players are unable to connect to the game’s servers.
Status : Investigating

It confirms the reporting pattern I’ve been seeing for the last 3 weeks.

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That’s good to know at least

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Have any of you checked your Xbox store, I got the deluxe version but it’s saying I need to buy it again, might be something to do with it going on game pass as “free”. I’m also getting the failed to fetch error, I’ve reported it but wondered if any of you have the same thing with the store?