A good camera hack for Absolution?

Hey guys, someone of you knows if there is a good camera hack for Absolution? Months ago I found, by mistake, a cheat table which wasn’t perfect at the end. I would like to take screenshots freely.

If anyone knows something about it would be appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

(If there is a similar topic, I apologize to the moderators. I searched a bit but I didn’t found nothing about it)

If you mean a freecam, there is a pretty decent SDK for Absolution made by pavledev


Thanks, I will try it in these days. :slight_smile:

How does one convert .dll to .lib?

Oh yeah, the new instructions tell you to do that right? I’ve kept on using 1.0 instead of 1.1 because you have way more steps to do just to get it working, which is very annoying, and doesn’t bring a lot more to the SDK, so I’d suggest you download 1.0 instead and rewind back on previous versions of the ReadMe so you can see what you have to do without the extra steps

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How can I see the the old Readme?

There’s a little clock icon with “37 commits”, click that

Ok thanks. But still I have to install all of these SDK’s if I use the 1.0?