A pattern for recurring NPCs?

Does anyone think there’s a pattern to NPCs who appear in multiple maps, mainly on how IOI selects which ones will appear where?

I ask because it occurred to me this evening that the Bohemian appears in three locations, all of which are fictional: Sapienza, Santa Fortuna, and Ambrose Island. None of those places exist, yet these are the only places where he’s found.

Then you have the reporter, I think it’s Pam Kingsley, although I can’t remember if she just appears on tv and it’s a different one who always appears in the field, but either way, she only appears in real places: Paris, Marrakesh, Miami, and Mendoza (not counting tv appearances if it’s the same character).

Florida man also appears only in real locations: Miami and Berlin.

Meanwhile, Orson Mills and Carlton Smith are all over the place, having so far appeared in real locations: Hokkaido, Hawke’s Bay, Hantu Port, and Siberia between them, and one fictional that they share: Ambrose Island (although it’s kinda 50/50 with Carlton as the Siberian prison doesn’t exist, but the decommissioned facility it was built from probably was, so take your pick).

Is it all just random, or does anyone know of a pattern?

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I don’t think whether a place is an actual place IRL or fictional makes a difference since the whole game is fiction.

IMO, it’s just IO reusing assets like Dexy Barrat, Heidi (whosit), Saito, Dexter, Portman, etc. :sleeping:

I was thinking the hippie in WoT was different from the hippie that was in Landslide. But I could be wrong.

Edit: Nope. I was correct.

Now. As to whether or not there’s a pattern? I never really thought of that… And that kinda makes me replying to this a waste of time. :sweat_smile:


Going by the name in Contracts Mode, it’s been the same guy every time.

I know the places being fictional doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but it’s still interesting how some are only found in real places, some only in fictional, and some are a mix. Coincidence? Deliberate? Lazy asset recycling? No idea.

Maybe a chart showing the recurring NPCs vs their appearances in the different locations would better illustrate this idea. :thinking:

I swear they changed the name of the hippie in Landslide too, at least in S1.


I believe she was only in Marrakesh and Mendoza, but there are reporters in Miami and Paris who arent her

I would assume that there are reasons that decide which maps are given fictional names and which are modelled after real places. Sapienza for example is supposed to be a small town. If IOI had given it a real name, chances are not too many people would’ve known the real life city. Maybe that’s a reason why the devs went for a fictional name.

Also, there are probably reasons that determine which NPC goes onto which map. For example I think IOI put the hippie on Ambrose Island, because it’s probably the last WoA map we’ll get and they put him there as a fan service.

However, I don’t think IOI actually decides NPC placement on the fact of whether a map has a fictional name or not. I don’t see the benefit tbh.

Its on Hitman 3 as well JJoa74.

So you’re thinking the placement of some NPCs on purely fictional maps and some one real maps and some mixed-and-matched is coincidental?

Yes, I think it’s just a coincidence. I wouldn’t read too much into it :wink:

I feel like if there was a pattern, someone would have caught it by now, HMF members have a crazy eye for detail lol.

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I don’t see any pattern other than most typically their use/function/background.

Sebastian Sato is artsy so he’ll be at the fashion show in Paris, the Garden Show and Dubai where an art exposition was taking place.
Florida Man deals drugs so after Miami it makes sense to have him in Berlin.
The hippie was revealed to be a smuggler in Santa Fortuna so they brought him to Ambrose because they wanted to insert an smuggling kill opportunity.

If someone like Nails would reapper I’d expect him to be in the same role of helicopter pilot and/or painkiller dealer to serve a storyline/opportunity


Yes, the reporter lady from Paris and Miami is called Lindsay LaCour or something like that. Pam Kingsley appears in Marrakesh and Mendoza, as well as one doing all the news reports in Hitman 2. It’s a bit odd that they didn’t bring back Lindsay for Mendoza so that 47 could interrupt her broadcast for a third time.

Also another interesting small detail: Jay Smart, the cameraman from Mendoza, is the same one as in Pars and Miami.