A SLIGHT gripe about site navigation

This was something that bothered me on the old board and it has carried over to this new one.


Click a link and you leave HMF. I was just reading the H3 pre-load thread and I clicked on the IOI account link just so I can make sure mine is in place and ready to get the legacy content.

I leave HMF.

Is it a big deal? Not really, but it is annoying that I cannot follow a link without having to come back to the site. Is there anyway to make it so that links automatically open in a new tab/window. If not, can I make it so that they do should I make a post.

For example for the site I work at (which will review HITMAN 3) should I post the link https://rageworks.net I want people to click but I don’t want them leaving HMF. The links we post there would take someone (for example) to HMF but not have them leave RW.

IF it is something that can be changed, it would be much appreciated. Sorry for the shameless plug.

if you use the middle mouse button, then links open in a new tab

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impossible on mobile though

hold the link down and press “open in a new tab”?

If you go to Preferences -> Interface, the first option under “Other” is “Open all external links in a new tab”. Works on laptop, don’t know if it works on mobile…

Doesn’t work?


that takes longer. i thought that was obviously out of the question

it’s solved either way, it seems

I looked all over the options yesterday but somehow missed that. Lemme go look now. Thank you.

@cake941 what the fudge is a “middle” mouse button? I have at least 6 on mine, but the only button in the middle is my mouse wheel and if I click on that I have it set to another function (random porn :rofl: )

@ZeroGravitas and @Count.Rushmore Thank you very much. I did click this yesterday but I keep forgetting to hit Save. It has been so long since I had to do settings for HMF.

Problem solved. Feel free to close this or leave it open so people can make fun of me. I have no issue with laughing at myself.