A story about the time i thought Hitman 3 was bugged for good

let me tell you a story about how HCCE kill everyone fun spooked me into thinking my app was #hitmanisoverparty. one night when i was in a PS party with friends i was playing the source kill everyone contract made by an HCCE modder (can’t remember the name but much love to the HCCE people on here). i was playing clean up with the sapper axe and sniped the guy on the far away island and hopped in the boat to leave. note: these contracts have bad cases of crashing and lagging due to it having to register everyone as a target, putting in fake npcs in some, and the size of the crowds in the level. when i was trying to move it to the main menu (which lags too as well when exiting the completion menu) it crashed. as usual i saw it as any other crash. but this time when i got on it wouldn’t connect or authenticate. by then i got scared that it wouldn’t connect due to how no matter how many attempts it wouldn’t connect. so i decided to uninstall and reinstall the game and tell player support of my issue. after my application was full installed (since i had to let it fully go to extended storage) it worked fine. even if it was me i thank the support team for its fast response to my ticket since it shows they really care about the fans just like RWS. so yeah my game works fine and i am at peace. who knew running around with a battle axe screaming Valhalla and a kill everyone contract would lead to a game temporarily permanent disconnect? :joy:

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