A thread about etiquette

Made this because something happened today that happens a lot that just pisses me off every single time, and I’d like to bring some attention to it. This applies at least for everyone living in the US like me, and likely for most other countries that have similar setups.

I’d like to introduce everyone to a concept: PATHWAY WALKING ETIQUETTE

Here are the rules:

  1. When walking on a pathway, or down a hallway, or down an aisle in a store, or between rows in a parking lot, do not walk down the middle. Please move to one side, preferably the side that you drive on in your country for simplicity, so that others coming from the opposite direction, or others coming up behind you who are moving faster than you are, can move past you easily, without inconveniencing themselves or you. When in parking lots, this allows vehicles to easily maneuver around you without the concern of hitting you, other pedestrians, or other vehicles.

  2. If one or more persons is walking with you, do not walk side by side. This creates the same problem, only greater in magnitude, as the issue faces in the first rule. You and your companion(s) are now taking up even more space and hindering others from moving around and past you. When in these public spaces of limited width, please walk single file; you can talk about matters just the same, and can turn and look over your shoulder at them when needing to make eye contact.

  3. When walking between rows in parking lots, or across streets, do not cross to the side you wish to get to at an angle. When you do so at an angle, and someone is waiting for you to finish crossing in order to move past you, you are stretching that length of time to unnecessary and inconsiderate levels. Please cross these spaces perpendicular to the direction they go, at a 90 degree angle, shortening the time of your crossing to the shortest possible amount of time and allowing the flow of traffic to resume unimpeded at the quickest and most convenient time.

  4. If, for whatever reason, you should feel compelled to ignore the first three rules, then please at least observe this fourth: Do not take your sweet time. All of the above violations of pathway walking etiquette are at least manageable and forgivable if you would at least hurry in your walking and get yourself off of the narrow pathway you have found yourself on with others. Please move quickly through the hallway, aisle, or parking lot, even if you should be walking in the middle, side by side, at an angle in doing so, so that you are not hindering others any longer than necessary.

  1. Don’t stop in the middle of the pavement to use your phone. Move to the side so you’re not obstructing foot traffic.



Thank you, I new I was forgetting something!


What usually helps is to whip your dick out. Right there and then. Whole sidewalk is yours in a second.


Sure, great thing to do, if I wanted to go to jail for three years and have a sex offender label attached to my name for the rest of my life. Here in the US, I’d probably receive more leniency from the law if I just pointed a gun at them and told them to move the fuck over.


Start doing that imho


All of this just boils down to people being inconsiderate and/or unaware of their surroundings. People should take more care & think about others. Not everything in life has to be codified into hard and fast rules.

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Since people seem to have such difficulty with the consideration concept, rules are the way to go in lieu. Besides, these are just exaggerations into rules, they’re actually just common sense guidelines.


That’s how I met my girlfriend!


That’s how I met your girlfriend too! Small world. :joy: