Ability to edit topics after a few days

I’ve noticed that a few days after you post a topic you can’t edit it anymore. I’m guessing this is just an oversight or something but it would be nice to have the ability back.



Why would you want to?

Yeah the default value is way too short, we will change that soon.

For informative threads which have their first post constantly being updated.


Ah good. So do you run this forum? I mean own?

The forum was always privately owned, not by IO. Wincenworks aka Jarbinger owns it since some years now.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

There were default holding periods associated with Trust levels but I have set all editing windows to the end of time for now, may be adjusted if there comes a need for it.


Do I get a vote? If so, I say leave it at “end of time” and grant exceptions to only those deemed worthy. I actually think lounge should work similarly.

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