About a new hitman game

Hi! My name is Alex and i am from Germany a few days ago i watched Hitman Agent 47 2015 movie with my friend and we seen that Hitman and Katia van Dees they made a perfect team together am I right? And I was finding an awesome idea in the future if a new hitman game is going to come out to have a co-op or multiplayer options i think this would be awesome imaginize how fun it will be to play with your friends a game like that just think about it how many things you can do together more ideas more methods to assasinate the targets I would love to play with my friend this type of game. Please tell me your ideas and if u like my idea<3 Have a nice day!


Hi alexutzu, indeed, but i don’t think multiplayer is a good idea, instead coopotertive mode (co-op) would be so cool and so much fun to play. Just imagine how many things you can and do with your friend by playing, also people will gonna see this game more fun to play with cooperative mode. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for replying and that you like my idea!

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I still hope Ghost Mode will be revived at some point.
No matter how you call it, co-op or multiplayer it was a great thing to spend time in the game while playing with other players and friends


I am on the same side with you thank you for replying :smiley:

I also think co-op would be a good idea and it would allow for some more game modes like finding and eliminating the other player discreetly and also exfiltrating with ratings on, although it would require some rework in the engine.
Also just being able to mess around with someone else on the locations would make it a great addition.
Besides Agent 47 and Katia van Dees or Diana Burnwood, another good match would be Stone and Knight outside of the sniper campaigns.


If I may offer a hypothesis: I believe there is a very strong chance that the next Hitman game will incorporate some form of multiplayer or co-op option, and I have three reasons for believing so.

  1. Multiplayer and co-op have essentially taken over the gaming industry. With the advent of online play via internet connection, that was probably inevitable. Every major game now, practically, tries to get some form of play to it that allows more than one gamer to compete or assist one another. IO will obviously want in on that, too, in the future, if they wish to avoid alienating a potential clientele that bases their gaming experience predominantly in host hey can interact with others in real time within the game.

  2. They already attempted this with Ghost mode and the Sniper mode. While these were ultimately failures, I’m sure they took notes on what did and didn’t work, as well as how involved players want to be with others in their community via the creation of contracts in Contracts mode. WoA was never really meant for multiplayer opportunities and by the time they realized that those two attempts weren’t going to cut it, it was already too late to make it work for WoA. Their next Hitman game will be able to get right off the ground with that option in mind for the get-go.

  3. They are working on Project 007, and no matter what, it’s gonna get compared to GoldenEye 007. And what a huge portion of fans of GE007 remember was the multiplayer. Even if they want to tell their own unique 007 story in their own unique way, IO will have that looming over their shoulder, and using this game will be a great opportunity to implement a workable multiplayer or co-op mode that can later be used as a blueprint for the same thing in a future Hitman game.

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  1. Been hearing for years how multiplayer is the future of videogames and it still hasn’t happened. Never will either. There’s two recent “studies” if you wanna call them that, which disproves that theory too. Overwhelmingly, gamers still prefer single player experiences. And I don’t see that ever changing TBH.

  2. Time wasn’t the issue. It’s the game itself. Hitman is a single player game. It’s just YOU, by yourself, doing all the hits. Any type of multiplayer element you add, fundamentally changes that experience. Ghost Mode (while fun imo) was not Hitman. Playing Sniper Assassin (again, fun imo) was not Hitman. Even the mechanics of sniping were completely different than in single player. That problem will persist with future Hitman games. If ioi learned any important lesson from that experiment in H2 it was this: adding multiplayer to a Hitman single player game is a waste of resources.

  3. Goldeneye was an anomaly. Right place, right time. The multiplayer in that game was special because at that time there was no other multiplayer shooter on consoles. That’s it. There’s been a shitload of James Bond games since then and NONE of them that had a multiplayer mode found equal success. And ioi isn’t really known for multiplayer games so I don"t think anyone is (or should be) expecting the next big multiplayer-go-to-game to rival Fortnite or whatever. If they even bother with multiplayer for that game.

I think the pressure ioi is feeling regarding that game is licensing costs (which they didn’t have with Hitman) and the fact that the latest movie didn’t perform well in theatres. Not a good build up/wave to ride in on.

I would honestly be shocked if they attempted another stab at multiplayer in a traditional, single player style Hitman game.