About data transfer from HITMAN 1 on Epic Games Store to HITMAN 2 on Steam

Previously, there was a free distribution of HITMAN1 from the Epic Games Store, but now I’m thinking of buying HITMAN2 on Steam. (Because the price is cheaper.)
In HITMAN2, if you already own HITMAN1, you can take over the data, but is it possible to take over the data from HITMAN1 obtained from the EpicGamesStore to HITMAN2 purchased on Steam? Do I have to buy “HITMAN 2 GOTY Legacy Pack” on Steam?
(HITMAN 1 distributed free of charge from the Epic Games Store is not a GOTY Edition, so even if I can take over the data, I will have to buy “HITMAN 2 GOTY Upgrade Legacy Pack” on Steam.)

I’m Japanese and I’m not good at English, so I use Google Translate to translate this sentence into English.

Sorry, the answer is no. By the word ‘data,’ I think you mean ownership of HITMAN1. You are eligible to claim free Legacy pack for HITMAN2 on steam only if you own HITMAN1 or HITMAN1 GOTY on steam.

Yes, you will have to buy it if you want HITMAN1 maps in your game.

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