About key configurations for HITMAN's pad operation

I play HITMAN on PS, XBOX, PC, various hardware, but I am a basic pad user.
I have always wondered, is there any way to change a long press operation of a button on the pad to a simultaneous press with another button?
Specifically, I want to press the L button assigned to “Run” and the 4 right hand buttons (○□△× on PS, ABXY on XBOX) at the same time.
With the current pad controls, it’s easy to cause mishaps with short and long button presses.
For example, covering a wall when you want to drag a corpse, opening a door when you want to pick up an item, or
When you want to change clothes, you have to climb over a fence, and so on.
If it could be changed to simultaneous operation with the L button, I think it would reduce misoperation.
The PC version can be changed pseudoactively by assigning keyboard operations to the pad using an external application, but the consumer version cannot be changed substantially, although it is possible to change the button layouts on the system side.
I think it would reduce the number of mistakes if it could be changed on the HITMAN side.
I would like to know if there is a way to customize the button controls in the game as if they were keyboard controls.