About my connection problem (PC/Epic)

Something occurred during the Feb 23 patch that kept me from connecting to the servers to play Hitman3. I bitched and whined on several platforms and emailed IOI twice. No response. After re-installing several times, I decided today to totally clean all Epic software from my computer and Hitman3 as well. I did a repair of Windows Installer and did a registry clean, defrag, and shutdown. I then went to Epic’s website re-downloaded and installed Epic. Once I signed in to Epic, I was able to download and install Hitman3 (with all add-ons attached). I went to play it and “presto”, everything worked perfectly. I even had all of the suits, weapons, tools, …etc, that I earned before. It still has all of my progressions as well. Needless to say, I am unaware of what actually corrected the server connection, but I believe the patch had fouled up the communication between Epic, Hitman3, and the server. Hope this helps.

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