About the access passes

While I was reading the blog post I got really confused by who gets the Hitman 2 expansion pass access pass for free as it seems like only people who owned Hitman 2 gold edition could get it. Can somebody clarify?

If you own Hitman 2, you get the Hitman 2 access pass for free. If you own Hitman 2 Gold Edition, you get the Hitman 2 Gold Edition access pass for free.

Ok but do I need gold edition to get the expansion pass access pass?

Yes, but if you do not have gold edition you can buy the expansion pass within Hitman 3. It’s a bit convoluted.

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So I don’t need gold to get the free expansion pass?

Why does IOI have this superb knack for making things so complicated? They treat their marketing for this game like a Hitman level.

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