Absolution Sequel idea

Set after the events of World of Assassination and assumes the first Absolution is canon. The player takes on the role of Victoria Burnwood who is blackmailed by Benjamin Travis Junior of the once again reformed Agency to eliminate Agent 47 for outing the Agency to the world otherwise he will kill her adopted mother Diana who is being held captive by Birdie. Victoria tracks down 47 and is about to make the kill. 47 offers no resistance but indicate the likelihood that Travis would still kill Diana. They fake 47’s death and she brings him the head of one of 47’s brothers which is actually contains a flash grenade that blinds Travis and Birdie giving her and Diana a chance to escape. She kills Travis or Birdie on the spot with the survivor being saved for later as the final boss. Victoria learns more of her creation including that she was actually cloned from 47 and Diana both of whom were unknowing donors.

Maybe a couple of co-op friendly missions where a second player can join as 47.

At the very least - they’d still need to reconcile the conflicting idea of whether Victoria needs the magic isotope amulet (without it she’ll be incapacitated, bedridden) or not… where she and Diana throw it away at the end (now all the sudden she’ll be fine without it). Or does it just give her combat ability? Or is there some other nuanced aspect that wasn’t revealed in the Absolution storyline? Or perhaps this detail wasn’t thought through all the way…?

I’d be happier with an Absolution reboot where they just iron out some of the odd and illogical moments in its story. Like how Birdie suddenly betrays 47. Unless we want to explain it away that he’s just an asshole with a death wish, or is he playing some 4th-dimensional chess? Or it’s secretly to get Faulkner killed by digging too deep?

One aspect that can remain is the situation 47 was in. Otherwise, you don’t even have Absolution. That’s why it diverged from every game’s contract and target formula before it. [REDACTED] can cope and seethe over it. It’s still a Hitman game. They’re still free to dislike it, but that still doesn’t negate it as being a game… a story… involving Agent 47.

Seriously. I keep adding more to each paragraph as I mull over this post.

I can honestly say that Absolution was the game that got me into this franchise, and it has a special place for me, flawed as it is.

As for bringing 47 back… Nah. But I think a standalone game with Victoria would be acceptable. Whether it should be co-op or not? That’d be okay as long as the 2 players are working together. That’d be a very niche game and I don’t think that’d be enough to hold it up, unfortunately.

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I once made a whole post about it, but related to what you said I still think that having both 47 and Victoria playable in WoA, or any WoA design-like game would be great for re-playability.

Since it would (at least) swap the entire disguise dynamic around.

Because to be honest, I care less about the story in Hitman, than I care about the gameplay and designs.

Bad idea to bring back the Absolution game and story after the success of WoA in my opinion.

Anyway, lots of great things to take from that game and why not implement them in actual or future games like characters, items and gameplay stuff :+1:

You know you’re in shitpost territory when you talk about Travis having a Junior. Certified Fuck Cabin Moment.


It’s @Patrick_McColloch - every last post they make on HMF is a carefully considered suggestion of how to make the Hitman franchise worse.

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Then he should probably die first for anticlimactic demise early on with Birdie being the true villain. Then again he kinda was even in the original cause he betrayed 47.

Actually forget Travis Junior. The leader of the New ICA could be Birdie himself or maybe Faulkner.

I suggest scrapping Travis Jr and instead opt for Punished Travis. It is the old Travis we know and loathe but he has an eyepatch, a scar on the side of his head and absolutely no explanation as to how he survived Absolution.


I think that en Absolution sequel should start from the end of the original one, with 47 hunting the traitor Birdie and Cosmo Faulkner obsessed from 47. IOI could regain some unused things, like the hot sauce factory, the supermarket, the bowling alley, the characters of Big Mama, the gang of Birdie and all the ideas in Hitman Absolution Full DIsclosure. maybe, event content cut from WoA

I think 47 would eliminate Birdie for sure but he might be willing to spare Faulkner’s life similar to how he spared the Interpol agent in the first Hitman movie. Perhaps reveal that an escaped 48 clone killed Faulkner’s partner leading to his obsession to catch the Hitman and 47 dealt with said clone with Faulkner’s gun so he’d be credited for the kill.

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