Absolution - spawning of guards on purist difficulty

I’m playing “Attack of the saints” on purist difficulty. Breaking out of motel that that chick blew up with bazooka. However, no matter how many guards I kill, I have the feeling they respawn and respawn.
I wonder, if it’s just my imagination, because that is not the case with other Hitman games.
So - is there limited number of guards or they respawn indefinitely (maybe until I advance enough into the level?)

To the best of my memory, there isn’t any re-spawning guards per say. However If I recall correct Guards are able to call for backup and new guards will arrive, the way around this would simply be to take a more stealthy approach.

OK, I’m fine with them calling the backup. And let them come 50 of them. But let me know it’s 50 then, not unlimited.
And if they call infinite backup units, then it’s the same as respawning of unlimited guards.

On this my memory is a little foggy and my limited, I normally don’t overstay my welcome. I rather move on also I always strive for SA. 99% of the time this is never a problem.

After a playing a while, I realized - they don’t respawn. It was my bad.

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