Access Pass for Newcomer to the Series

I’ve never owned or played the previous 2 Hitmen games and am leaning towards picking up the PS4 verision. I have two questions:

  1. If I buy the access pass for the previous 2 games, do I get the entire games from start to finish (eg. the stories and cutscenes) or will I just get the maps and missions?

  2. How much does the access pass cost on PS4 (for both Hitmen games)? I am in Canada if that matters.

Thank you in advance!

If you buy the Access Pack you get the entire game, that means maps, missions and cinematic just as if you bought Hitman in 2016 or Hitman 2 in 2018.
And you have the prices in this image : the reduction is from the Epic Game Store, the right price is the one crossed out

Thanks for the reply! So if I buy the 4th option ($59.99), will I get access to Hitman 1 & 2? Or just Hitman 2?

The fourth is just Hitman 2 but not the last two levels (New-York and Haven Island). To have the entire trilogy, you have to buy the third option (Hitman 1 GOTY) and the Hitman 2 Standard (59.99) and the expansion pass (39.99)
Or you can buy Hitman 1 GOTY and Hitman 2 Gold (Hitman 2 + Expansion pass) and you will have access to the entire trilogy. So it will cost you about 130 $ for the entire game.
It’s really expansive but it could be worth it as you need H1 and H2 to understand all the story.

I hope I was clear, it’s quite difficult to explain :sweat_smile:

He can get the HITMAN 2 Gold Access Pass to get both H2 and the expansion DLC.

Oh wow, that is expensive! Maybe it makes more sense for me to buy the physical game discs instead. I can get Hitman 1 Definitive Edition and Hitman 2 Standard Edition for $30 CAD each (about $25 USD). With those I should be able to get the access passes on Hitman 3 for free, right?

That’s what I say with the Hitman 2 Gold :+1:
Sorry if that wasn’t clear

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If you register them on your IOI account yes that should work