Accound Migration for the old school

Long time day one buyer (since OG fist PC release in a big box store for PC, circa 2000s usa)

I just want a detailed explanation of how I can move my HITMAN 2016 and 2018 progress from STEAM to the HITMAN III install from EPIC.

You have all the details you need right here.

Adjustments to post. Can anyone confirm the actual real world functionality of this feature? Does it work today or is this a maybe someday well try to get it working feature?

Official threads give me no assurance. They will do whatever they can to get that credit card number.

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nope doesnt work, its sad i spent so much time and money since 2015 i had faith in them


this convoluted tome actually gave me a migraine trying to figure it out, no joking. I can picture the guys who put this together sitting back and laughing at the hell they put the readers through trying to comprehend this info. It’s so over the top confusing, it’s actually funny