Account linked still no hitman 2?

I linked my accounts and followed the directions. I even got a message about hitman 2 when I restarted hitman 3. But still all my hitman 2 levels and status missing. Why is this? I paid. I was a good customer all these years. What did I do wrong?

May I ask what platform you are you on? if you are moving progress from Steam to EGS, then the H2 levels won’t be available as off now. This is due to license agreements that IO and Epic are working out with past partners. The free H2 levels will become available and hopefully soon.

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I have the same issue on the PS4. Hitman 2 game is linked, carry over process is completed, HItman 2 Access Pass for H2 is installed but when in the game menu it directs me back to the Playstation Store. Doesn’t really effect me jet, but in the future I would like to revisit al these masterpieces from part 2.

Hm sadly I have little experience with the Playstation carryover. However try and refresh your IO account in the options menu of H3. Also do you have H2 installed by itself or is it the H2 access pass for H3?

I have the disc version of the Hitman 2 Gold Edition.
Currently not installed though, do I need to install it to get acces ?

Sadly as I said I know very little about how to unlock H2 on Playstation. If you have done the carryover, you should be able to download the H2 access pas for H3. But hopefully other users who play on Playstation can guide you through it.

Alright, thanks for the reply anway, cheers!

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