Add Diana's voice to contracts mode

Can’t we have dialogues like ‘Target Eliminated, head for the next one" and "All targets eliminated, now head for an exit’’? It’ll make contracts mode more immersive imo.


Add her voice to my daily routine.

“THAT, is your Cat. The only other living being you see right now.”

Diana in Contracts mode?
  • THAT would be great
  • THAT would be horrible

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I would be okay with them adding Diana’s voice IF you could turn it off in the options menu

People have been asking for that in the main missions for years now (probably nearly half a decade at this point :joy:)


Only if she can name all NPCs. :smirk_cat:


Could be similar to the Portal 2 mapmaker maps. I don’t know when it happened but they have Cave Johnson give a generic intro message and generic exit message. And with a plugin you can pick GLaDOS or no voice.

I’d say like the Portal 2 Plugin they should make the creator pick which one for their contract. so some will have Diana, some won’t. If you’re coming up with your own ‘story’ which doesn’t involve Diana/ICA then pick none, yadda yadda


I think if they go that way, then the creator should not be able to decide if the Diana line will play. It should be entirely dependent on a sound option of the player.

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Maybe player gets a veto in their options menu :sweat_smile:

“Diana Voice: Mission Specified, Always Off”


Yeah, giving players the opinion to add dialogue to other people’s games with always devolve into the stupidest/rudest stuff

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls can attest to that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: “Try, but hole”

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And a useless tidbit about all of them.

That is Jack Please. A career waiter who will mishear whatever you order and instead bring you a Tennessee whiskey on the rocks.

I rather add her voice when I’m in the mood for a mass murder run instead her just remaining silent. Probably would be complaining the whole time. :grin:

Wouldn’t be hard for them to do tbh. In Holiday Hoarders Diana only speaks in generic lines that were clearly not recorded specifically for that mission.

All she says is “Target eliminated” and “Both targets are down, great work. Now head towards an exit.”. All they need to do is clip the second one to remove the word “Both” and they’ve got all the audio they need.


Honestly I wouldn’t mind the addition but the main thing I want added to contracts mode is autosave or the ability to save during those contracts. The most frustrating thing for me is to be making a contract with conditions and to accidently mess up one I want to be mandatory and need to redo the whole thing. Same goes for completing them, never be spotted then being spotted in the last possible second always gets me.

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