Add Exitsave for Master difficulty!

IO Interactive

-add ExistSave for Master diffculty!!!

You play a mission on master difficulty in SASO way,you move like shadow and killed one of the main target,then booom something happens in real life(someone visited you,going to work,limited time for play,etc.) and you must quit but still want to preserve that ONE save for future plan,exitsave feature would be incredible helpful.

And you do not know what exitsave is??? Fallout 4 survival mode,rings a bell? You exit,it saves your game,when you load exitsave,the save perish and you still have that one save for strategic plan!
Its one of the best game design mechanic.
A true QoL improvement,please IO Interactive


Good idea! To get more then 20 characters: Even better idea!

I’ve thought they could add in-level checkpoints you could save your progress at – similar to what they had in Absolution. Finding the right suspect CAN take a long time. I’d hate to have to Alt+F4 because something comes up. And, assuming everything’s the same when I return to the level, it’s either going to feel cheap (like I’m cheating), or just tedious to get back to where I was.