Add the M1 Thompson/Chicago Typewriter to go with the public enemy?

Come on IO, don’t add a Mafia-Themed suit and then not add a Tommy Gun! I would love to go on a rampage with a Thompson in New York or Sapienza!!! Please!!!



With (several) 50 rounds drum magazines of course, must be sweet for kill everyone challenges too :star_struck:

And reaching end of the game, who cares about going overboard, that gives players something to still mess with.


Keep the change you filthy animal


I still cannot believe we got a Home Alone reference in a whole mission

Please IO add the sweet sweet Tommy Gun


Maybe they can have a subsequent challenge for The Bank to unlock such a gun while wearing the Public Enemy suit.

But honestly, non-silenced guns are nothing more than trophies to gather dust in your item selection screen, but I mean if you’ve just gotta have it…

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To be fair, I hate the concept of always stealthing

Finding a new way to kill absolutely everyone in funny ways is what I bought the game for

And the lore too, y’know?

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It fired the same round as 47s ballers so, please IO, make it do the same damage as one of them would per shot.

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