Additional mission: make the target stumble

Hello, I am new here.

I have a question regarding an additional order on a freelancer mission on the isle of Sgail. I am supposed to trip the target. The only method I know is to place a banana so that the victim runs over it and slips. However, I can’t find a single banana on the entire island, I’ve searched everywhere. Does anyone have an idea how else I can trip the target?

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As far as I know, only bananas and grapes work for that objective and grapes are only on Mendoza. Bananas aren’t on most levels, but the kitchen in the Safehouse has one, so you can grab that and take it with you.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the mission on the island, but I’m sure it happens more often that you have to let someone stumble. At least I didn’t even know that I have a kitchen or an upper floor. I discovered the floor only through you. But now I’m stuck in Mumbai, because I’m there in none of the places where there was otherwise certainly a screwdriver. And I need one because the target is supposed to die by shock. It’s really stupid that IO simply removes all the tools needed for achievements from the levels. With weapons I can understand it, but with tools it’s really nasty. And the trader never has anything in his inventory, so I can’t buy it :frowning:

Can I actually find a lockpick somewhere? The dealer had one in the inventory, but it should cost 30k, I unfortunately did not have so much in the third mission…

Once you get to (some) Mastery Level you can go outside of the safehouse. Somewhere on the ground (towards the helipad &/or a small bridge -I think) is a rusty nail for a single use lockpick.

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The gear suppliers sell is mostly randomised - the 30k lockpick you mentioned is the collector lockpick, and it’s a permanent item. There also is a Freelancer tool lockpick, which is substantially cheaper, but can also disappear once you fail a mission. You could also try to buy the ICA crowbar, which is on the menu far more frequently, and even though it’s far inferior to a lockpick, it can sometimes get the job done.