AFA #2 - Sapienza - $50 in prizes!

Hey everyone! This is the official announcement for AFA #2 - Sapienza. This contract is on HITMAN 2016. The competition will be similar to a mini comp, where the contract IDs are released (across all platforms) and the contract will be live for 1 week. There will be a $25 prize for a winner on PC and a winner on console (Xbox and PS combined leaderboard). The format for the contracts will be similar to what some of you know as APA. These will be AFA, which is Accident/Fiber Wire/Any Method. All of the contracts will have 3 targets, with one being accident, one being a Fiber Wire kill, and one being any method.

This contract will end on May 9 at 19CEST, exactly one week from now. The top player on the PC leaderboard and the top player on the (combined) console leaderboard, WITH VIDEO PROOF of their run will receive $25 on PAYPAL ONLY. If these conditions cannot be met (no video or no paypal), then the reward will go to the second place player. If you have any questions or concerns about the competition, please feel free to DM me.

PC: 1-03-2122212-61
PS4/PS5: 2-03-3524671-19

If there is anyone on Xbox who would like to participate, please DM me and I will send you the details to create the contract, and I will update the IDs here. Xbox was not popular last time, so I will only have it recreated if there is an interest in it.

Disclaimer: i am not the original creator of the competition, it is KOats, in case you need to talk about the contract or to claim the prize contact him down below:
@AgentKOats on Twitter
KOats#5081 on Discord
KOats on YouTube