Africa (southren countries)

i want to see a mission in africa, preferebly with animals like lions,chimps, etc. maybe involving a safari tour which you can kill targets in various ways with animal attacks. otherwise another idea is a far cry 2 like setting where you are in a village and there are armed forces in the area. the two which is a village and an open savvanah can be mixed into one level making it a huge sandbox level. maybe there are cages in the village with different animals and maybe you can somehow lore the target into the cage with lets say, a lion, and then lock him in that cage.

if i remember correctly there was never in any hitman game a mission on central/south african countries. so thats a new.


I think you should put this in the wishlist category


The game mentions Johannesburg in passing, but it’s a big major African city. I take it you want something like Far Cry?

For a map in Africa, I hope we can get a MrBeast disguise.

i want something that is semi-wildlife with animals, and semi with vilages

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