Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman (Comics)

Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman

Let’s talk Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman comic book series.

The series has six issues. The trade paperback includes them all.

The first issue of the series is available for free with IOI Account. The entire series is available in both physical and digital. The DRM-free digital version can be purchased from

My review

To simply put, I like it. About the story, I like how the relationship between 47 and Diana was made. A woman looking for a “tool” and a man looking for someone to give him a purpose.

And I really like this American comics art style.

What was interesting for me was 47’s escape from the asylum was in 1998, not 1999. So, @iamtheguy55, your timeline has an error.


That’s actually something I have noticed (actually in the games rather than the comics!) a few weeks ago so I’m glad there’s supporting evidence.

47 escapes asylum in 1998, joins ICA in 1999 (contradicted by his ICA trailer for Absolution where it is stated he was enrolled in 2000) and completes the Hong Kong contracts in late 1999, which we know are a year after his escape.

This 1999 date is further corroborated by the Five Fathers letters dated summer/autumn 1999, assuming they don’t just carry around year old letters. Furthermore, there’s the January 2000 date you can find in the Contracts rendition of TotT.

I love how it all accidentally fits because I doubt IO paid too much attention to it (not to undervalue their efforts in general).