Aiming issue + shoulder view


is it possible to patch the hitman 3 aiming on at least xbox and make it like hitman 2?

The aiming is very unprecise compared to Hitman 2.
It messes up too many shots. It feels like a downgrade imo.

Also bring back “clicking left stick” to switch shoulder-view mid game not just while aiming?

Reply yes if you agree you want to see this improved/restored to how it was in hitman 2.

Have a nice day! :wink:

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Shoulder view is described as “being discussed” by developers.
As for aiming system, personally I don’t see any significant changes if any changes at all.
But I’m on PC, maybe it’s different on consoles, I don’t know


Please bring back shoulder swap


On Xbox the accuracy has been screwy since a few patches ago. Shooting people from a distance is very inconsistent; you can aim at the head and you’ll either miss, or get a body shot (but then moving a few millimetres higher to correct will result in a miss). I’ve also had moments where I have tried to do a bullet distraction and instead the bullet has hit an NPC 2 metres to the right :confused:

Wasn’t like it at launch.