All firearms from the whole trilogy (with pictures)

Hello, I added the new weapons ICA19 abomination and the Slapdash SMG.
Did I miss anything else in the new DLC? I’m really sorry but I don’t have much time lately to update the post with the new info about the NPC’s weapons. Maybe someone can tell me which one should I check so I can correct it later.


Already half a year old, but thought it would fit in here:


Haha, just started watching Gamespot’s video with him just yesterday, guess I missed this one :smiley:


I love that guys videos! What a great way to try and drum up interest in the museum.

I kinda wished he had showed how you would have to modify the Hardballer to accept a suppressor. It’s easy enough to break them down and a barrel swap is simple. He explained that a mod would be needed but then did not explain how. I’m sure he has an example he could have shown of a some other 1911 with a threaded barrel but without a suppressor attached, or worst case scenario he’s got just some other weapon with a threaded barrel sticking out. I always laugh in the movies bc they rarely show the firearms with the threading sticking out. You go from a weapon that can’t be muffled by a metal tube to one that is perfectly muffled by a metal tube. I always assumed it’s bc Hollywood finds the stubby threaded barrel to be ugly :joy:


Would be nice to see under each pic how to unlock that item.

You can refer to this thread if you want to know how to unlock these weapons or tools:


Dear Lord why?


Because it’s FABULOUS!!!


blocked :rage: :rage: :rage: /j

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Looks way better than all SMGs that we have in our inventory.
We have only 2 by this moment. But we have billions of pistols.
Something’s not right here, don’t you think?
I mean sometimes SMG (especially silenced) is required for the mission.
And there is no choice what to bring in with you, but intead you can roam through pistol selection till the morning.
With that being said, I’m glad we finally got something for the choice in SMG section.
Though I agree that brutal bald assassin would look ridiculous with that pink thingy.
But we already have grandmother’s Rude Ruby pistol, so…


Yeah, we already have one pink gun, so why another? :grimacing:

I’m all in for more options in the SMG (or AR) section, but would prefer something unique rather than one that we already have in two variations, and with an odd paint job like this… So hopefully it at least has hearts coming out of the barrell instead of smoke or something like that :joy:

Why not?
It’s fun.


We have different perceptions of fun :sweat_smile:



Ok. To anyone who likes it’s cool but yeah. Quite a peculiar choice.

I think it makes the pistol look less out of place.

But for future smg unlocks, why not the other one. There are two new in the game, the raptor, and this G36 look-alike. That would be a nice unlock aswell, at some point.

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Not an smg (sorry, nitpick), but would be cool. I´m still baffled why we got the regular Shashka (instead of maybe the unique golden version) and yet they haven´t followed up with other ARs. It looks kind of out of place in the inventory among all the more modern ones…

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I’m still wondering why there is so much location specific gun stuff that we can’t have. The sniper mode snipers, guard guns, etc. Since I played WOA the first time, to now, I hoped that we got to each gun in the game one or more versions of it. Same to the gadgets.


Has anyone seen the reload animation for the crossbow? I am assuming it’s the same animation as all the pistols… and I’m fine with that, but then it begs the question, why don’t we have a revolver?

The crossbow just reuses the “pulling back on the slide” animation of the kalmer. It looks like he’s pulling the string close enough to pass.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of that :joy:. Thanks. I still want a revolver though. A big one too with a 5 or 6 inch barrel and massive stopping power. A girl can dream right?