All HITMAN maps ranked by Complexity/Richness of Content

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For all the statistic lovers, I tried to make a ranking of every maps of hitman world of assassination trilogy. Each numbers correspond to all points of interest (desguise, alarm, camera,…) + all weapons and tools (firearms, poisons, …) + all passages (stairs, ledge, …).


#1 - Mumbai - Chasing A Ghost - 1220
#2 - Sapienza - World of Tomorrow - 1111
#3 - Miami - The Finish Line - 1045
#4 - Santa Fortuna - Three Headed Serpent - 956

#5 - Mendoza - The Farewell - 833
#6 - Isle Of Sgail - Ark Society - 825

#7 - Whittleton Creek - Another Life - 704
#8 - Paris - The Showstopper - 697
#9 - Bangkok - Club 27 - 685
#10 - Haven Island - The Last Resort - 681
#11 - Chongquin - End Of Era - 670
#12 - Marrakesh - A Guilded Cage - 651

#13 - Dubai - On The Top Of World - 518
#14 - Colorado - Freedom Fighters - 468
#15 - Dartmoor - Death In The Family - 460
#16 - Berlin - Apex Predator - 445
#17 - Hokkaido - Situs invertus - 441
#18 - New York - Golden Handshake - 440

#19 - ICA Facility - The Final Test - 129
#20 - Hawke’s Bay - Night Call - 126
#21 - ICA Facility - Training - 93

#? - Romania - No data yet



HITMAN 1 - 4053
HITMAN 2 - 4876
DLC - 1121
H2+DLC - 5997
HITMAN 3 - 2926


When I played Hitman 3, I saw that most of the maps have the size of the DLC maps of hitman 2. And know by viewing the stat, we clearly see that, despite mendoza, the full content of the game is much lower than the first 2 games. Maybe its due to the SQUEXIT and lack of money from square enix… Of course the statistic does not show the ambiance and opportunities of the maps but when you look at the challenges of each map, you can see it is also much lower than first missions… The only hope I the map are not finished and we will get remixes with new area or DLC but I don’t think so…

Thanks to for the data.


Personally I don’t think complexity is a gauge of a location’s quality. Mumbai is one of my favorites, but I still adore the smaller ones like Berlin and Hokkaido.


I agree, trying to break down a piece of art into quantifiable data seems like a strange way to determine quality (or even complexity as the title poses). I get the drive tho as a maths graduate myself


I have two points on this:

  1. You’ve conflated quantity with subjective quality/complexity. One well placed camera will rank lower than two poorly placed cameras in your system

  2. You’ve decided all those things should have equal points value. A disguise will have the same points value as a camera, despite the disguise clearly being a more unique component of the map and having more impact on gameplay. I’d argue this smooths out any way of looking at the actual ‘complexity’ of the map from this data

I’d like to see the raw data nevertheless. More for the novelty than any useful conclusions I reckon you could pull from it


It’s interesting data; I’m surprised to see Berlin so low on the list when it feels like such a large map.


The thing about ranking the maps based on points of interest is, for example, Mumbai has like 2 thousand scooters, but nobody thinks that more scooters=better level lol

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This comes pretty close to matching my subjective feel for how rich the levels are. Paris and Sapienza feel even denser and more complex because of how sophisticated the target triggers are and how many signature kills and mission stories there are. Hokkaido and New York are low on this list just because they are small.

H3’s levels definitely feel emptier than those of the previous two games. Good to see some quantitative evidence of this.

I’ve only reached Chongqing so far and I still can’t believe fu**ing Mumbai is number 1. Ugh I hate that map. Richness? I guess so, sure. Complexity, no, just no.

Sapienza or Paris should be fighting over #1.

I also think Hokkaido should be higher but I also favor that map.

Isle of Sgail is pretty Complex… it just doesn’t do much for me as it’s such a vertical map. Great storylines and targets though.

I guess this poll isn’t the “best maps”, just complexity/richness, which is basically eye-porn :laughing:

Mumbai you win: NOTHING :wink:

I just had to add one last thing about Hokkaido and complexity. It’s arguably one of the most difficult missions in H2016. I mean this in terms of new or average Hitman gamers. Very specific disguises for areas, RFID doors everywhere, not many public areas.

Colorado always took the longest for newbies to Master SASO, which says a lot for complexity.

Mumbai would take a while too, because you basically have to run 40 miles from target to target.

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Hokkaido is one of the best maps I’ve played in this series. Imagine how surprised I was when I couldn’t simply open a door like every other map and learning doors are now disguise specific unless you get the master rfid chip.



Hokkaido contracts are almost always a great time. It’s also a gorgeous map, especially now with the Series X, as you know. I need to play it right after this Chongqing speedrun.

ROFL, music to my ears:
Meme should read “MISTAH” but that’s okay.