All of the subtle murder puns in the Hitman series

I can’t find anywhere on the internet that has all of the murder pun that 47 makes during assignation attempts like the “this is a view to die for” in Hokkaido. I want to make a thread of all of them because I think there funny

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His pseudonym, Tobias Reaper, is a classic


His tour of the house in Whittleton Creek has some puns if I remember correctly. Anytime he blends in as a server he makes some murder puns too, so there’s that.


I am just going to clarify my post a little bit I mean like the specific quotes
Something like this
Mission story (if part of one)
“It’s a view to die for”
Hot springs


During the mission story where you can assassinate Caruso as Dr Lafayette, he mentions something about “none of his patients ever complaining about his work” (can’t remember the exact quote sadly :/).

Personally I love his “Cyanide. Good choice!” when impersonating Helmut in Paris, it’s particularly hilarious when you compare 47’s interview with the real Helmut’s :smiley:


In Contracts he checks in the Thermal Hotel under the name “Mr Metzger”, Metzger is german for butcher.


In Miami if you dress up as a doctor for one of the story line kills Sierra comes to get a shot of performance enhancers or quortizone or whatever. Anyway she asks what’s in the syringe and as 47 is telling her she notices one of the ingredients can be fatal; she asks if she should be worried and 47 dryly replies “I’m not” as he competes the injection.


I like how he tells the bank teller in New York how he’s all for elimination, and how the last few years have been very profitable for him.

I also like how, when Oybek Nabazov is speaking to him in private about his views on life and death, 47 responds that he sees life as a straight line with a sudden end.

And finally, when disguised as the barber in Mumbai and giving a shaved to customers, one of them will mention how they heard a rumor that the Kashmirian is in town and will get all excited. He says to just imagine it, a world-class hitman, right here in Mumbai. 47’s response? “Sounds plausible.”