Am I only one to be bored at hitman blood money after playing modern titles?

I have 74 hours on Hitman 2

I played absolution it was great but when I play blood money I get bored after 5 minutes of playing it.Does anything like this happened to somebody ? image


Not really. I think that depends on how much you played it before the current trilogy was out. Although I must say that most people (probably) love BM so much bc nostalgia. It doesn’t really compete with the trilogy anymore. A lot of it’s concepts are reworked a lot better in the trilogy. The only thing that makes it still very good are it’s aesthetics, which are very likeable imo.


Yeah, without the nostaligia goggles, it’s not the same anymore. Dialogue, NPC density, amount of opportunities… Blood Money just isn’t the gold standard for Hitman and stealth games now.

Still, it’s interesting to see what mechanics have changed. You can kill non-targets in accidents in BM and the game doesn’t care (I don’t like this at all). BM doesn’t care about suit only either, but you have to put it back on and bring your guns before leaving for a “perfect” grade. The suspicion meter is weird and unclear and goofy and annoying. :-/

On the positive side, you could dual-wield silverballers and you could upgrade weapons. Hey, you also got the syringes free of charge and 47 could both inject people and food with the same syringe… wow!


Blood money is an acquired taste. It’s not for casuals. The game still holds up well for me and is still a masterpiece. I re play it at least once each month, and I can really appreciate all of the features in this game that are missing from the WoA trilogy, and how little flaws this game has in comparison to those.
Also, yes I have played the WoA games, so I’m not talking out of my ass



Yep, I’ve been on board since Contracts and prior to 2016, Blood Money was by far my favourite game in the series.

The WoA trilogy has blown that away now though, and it did all the way back from the initial release of Paris in March 2016. IMO, prior to the WoA, Hitman games had the very best ideas and concepts in video gaming, but (ironically) not the best execution. The WoA stepped up to the plate though, and gave us both the amazing concepts of the earlier games, and also for the first time the technical and mechanical tools to make those concepts a reality for its players.

I’ve been a fan of the Hitman series since 2004, but it feels like it only truly arrived once the WoA was created, and all the previous titles (including my previous favourite Blood Money) now feel like interesting-but-unplayable early prototypes compared to the way that the WoA finally delivers against the promise of the franchise.

EDIT - should just quickly say that, of course, this is to be expected as technology and game design naturally improves over time. But setting that as an expectation doesn’t change the fact that the WoA does render the older titles obsolete and unplayable for me, and that’s more a testament to how brilliant the WoA is rather than a dig against the older games.


It’s a bit like trying to listen to old records when you are used to modern production. For some people that’s easy, but for others there’s no going back. When playing older games you have to take into account their age and the fact there’s been incredible steps forward since 2006. Gaming moves very fast.


Blood Money has its advantages over the new games because of its lack of mission guides, its better weapon variety and greater level numbers but is inferior to the new games by its awkward controls, smaller levels with shorter target routes and lack of user generated content. Both form a ying and yang of great Hitman content, BM has easier to learn levels and lenient rating system while WoA has more triggers than ever and convenient KOs.


Yes u r maybe it’s better on system but my favorite still have the t shirt that came with release and no ending tops it Coming out of a coffin and shooting everyone at the funeral pretty [email protected]#$Ed but I love it

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It’s not uncommon to hear people having a hard time going back to older titles after playing the newer ones. Maybe it’s related to at what age they started playing video games? I don’t have a problem playing WoA one moment and then booting C47, H2SA, Contracts or BM the next and having a good time :smiley:


Now I understand why people liked these games.I always felt that atmosphere but I never find myselfy correctly completing level.Yes I played WoA before blood money (I buyed Hitman Essentials Collections).I might be considered noob(I have done every silent assasin on every Hitman 1 level)

Thanks everyone for replies

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For me whenever I play Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money it always brings me back great memories. I never get bored of them, despite the new modern Hitman games been more assessable and easier to play.