Ambrose Island in the Campaign menu

I’ve noticed that this mission is missing from the campaign menu, like completely, even as side mission / special assignment.

Given how it takes place within the H2 timeline, it should be added in between Another Life (Whittleton Creek) and The Ark Society (Isle of Sgail). Or even more precisely, in between the Gifts and Curses and Precautions cinematics, since it seems appropriate and fitting to play it there.


I was thinking that to be fair, but I’ve got a feeling IOI may change that around in the next game update.

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I dunno if it’ll be the next update, but eventually I think they will adjust it, as work on the game starts to truly die down. Right now, I don’t think they want it situated some place that will confuse new gamers who haven’t gotten with the program and purchased H1 and H2 to add to the game. But I think eventually they will adjust where it is found to match its proper place in the storyline, and newcomers to H3 without the other two will just find it where it is now, or maybe moved in front of Dubai.


I have no idea which place Ambrose is put could be both correct and unconfusing. I thought IOI will come up with a place for it. Never did I imagine they just make it nowhere…

It’s in the campaign after Romania.

Weird placement for sure but not “nowhere”.

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It’s not in the campaign after anything. That’s the Destination menu you’re confusing it with.

Well, that is indeed a conundrum, but the mission is sort of a stop-gap in between H2’s storyline and wraps up a plotline that’s present from the first one regarding the militia’s fate so it seems appropriate to place it where I mentioned.

Then again, the mission can be played at any point, so the only change would be that “Next mission” after completing Another Life would be the Ambrose Island mission, and after completing that, would give the Precautions cinematic and have Ark Society as “Next mission”. Benefits story-order players.


On Xbox/Game Pass, when the player is offline, Ambrose does not appears in the location menu. But does in the campaign one.
It then is under Hitman 3, at the end. After Romania, after the end cutscene.
It does not mean that the location is deliberate. Since the whole situation looks to be a bug.

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I think IO should just stick the landing and place it where it belongs chronologically. Do people agree?

They probably chose to do this, to not mess with the flow of the original H2 campaign etc., but come on… It should just be part of the canonical timeline.

I’m curious what people think about this, and maybe IO are as well:

  • They should place Ambrose right before Sgail in the Campaign/Destinations menus
  • They should keep it at the end of Destinations
  • Other? (explain)

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Yeah that’s a good point to be fair.

In an ideal world, IOI would split the Precautions cinematic in half around the pivot point when the Constant self-injects the poison chip and the gang’s freighter breaks through iceberg-infested waters “TWO MONTHS LATER,” with Ambrose Island’s story card placed between them. This would be in the Story Menu of H2, and IOI would need to rename both halves.

In the Destinations Menu, I feel that the mission should appear chronologically, between WC and Sgail, for all users—the different cinematic styles will be jarring, yes, but at least we can re-experience the narrative the correct way.

For people only with H3, unfortunately, the mission will be confusing wherever you try and place it but it’d be especially confusing after Carpathian Mountains: in Ambrose’s briefing, Grey says “after Romania, I made Crest my new lieutenant” (or something like that), which would lead H3-only users to believe Ambrose is actually set after Carpathian Mountains and Grey is miraculously alive again.

For H3-only users, I think the best thing to do is re-work and re-frame the prelude Story So Far cinematic around the Constant’s kidnapping, and have Ambrose act as the prelude mission before Dubai. Still a bit weird, but less confusing for someone we have to imagine hasn’t played H2.


So, I would like to ask, the (current) 19% who voted to keep Ambrose at the end of Destinations, why do you think that? Is it just that it is too messy splitting the cutscene and having two different stylistic cutscenes?

To me, being that the Trilogy was released over half a decade to finally become its own full game, means that we just have to embrace the mess. It’s just the nature of the beast. The cutscenes are already different within H2 and its DLC.

Playing the three games linearly for story is still very enjoyable, and I think Ambrose deserves to be in there. Also, if people have other thoughts as to why they voted for it to be put in between Whittleton Creek and Sgail, I’d love to hear them as well!

I think it should stay at the end of the destination tab because it’s a post release content, and it should be visible as such for the players. And not lost in the middle of other content.

What it proposes in terms of its design and mechanics and the way it plays is also much closer to the current state of Hitman 3 year 2 gameplay than middle of the road hitman 2.

Finally : some players have Hitman 3 and not 2016 and 2. So it would be lost in the middle of non possessed missions. The UI is already enough of a mess to add more to it.

Here on the forum we know the in and outs of the game, but we are a very small minority of players.


Good points.

At the moment, it’s not in the Campaign menu on the PC version. A compromise could be keeping it at the end of Destinations, and having it where it sits chronologically in the Campaign menu. Perhaps adding it to a “side missions” tab as well, to make sure you don’t miss it in H3.

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I think, at the very least, if you’re playing Campaign mode, it should automatically take you to it after finishing Whittleton Creek, because that’s where it fits in the story. If you’re just going through the destination tabs and looking for it, I can accept it being where it is. But if you’re playing campaign, even though it was released as part of H3 as a game, it’s part of H2’s story, and so anyone playing the story should have it pop up in the appropriate place.


The destinations tab shows each level in the order of their release date. I think placing Ambrose between Whittleton and Sgail would betray its origins as both part of H3 and post-launch DLC

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I think it should be in side missions tab, idk where. Because its not a bonus mission or special assignment, maybe if they do more missions as DLC they could make a new tab? Anyway I think it shouldnt take you from Whittleton to Ambrose but maybe it should instead after you finish Ambrose give you a tab for the Ark Society mission. So ambrose is an optional detour

Another option would be after Whittleton Creek give two options. One for Ambrose one for Sgail. I would like the same thing for Sgail and Final Test, with the option of either Golden Handshake or On Top of the World for the former and the option of Showstopper, Nightcall or OTW for the latter. Dont think thatll happen tho

This would indeed objectively be the best solution.

Destination menu, leave it where it is.
Campaign menu, place it in a separate branch of Side Missions with an appropriate label, since it’s still story relevant even if optional, unlike the other side stuff.
Whittleton Creek post-mission menu, option to go to Ambrose Island as a detour with the appropriate info box alongside Isle of Sgail. For Ambrose post-mission menu, go to Isle of Sgail. All of these along with the appropriate cinematics.


I voted for placing before Isle of Sgàil.

I think a good compromise would be for IOI to add a selectable/toggle setting for “Chronological order” or “Release order”. That way, it’s up to the player what they want, and it gives new players that own everything the option of getting to see the chronological or release orders of the maps at a glance without looking it up online.

I also wish the main menu had the option for players to choose which main menu music plays: Hitman (2016), Hitman 2, or Hitman 3. Because I like all 3 main menu songs and want to be able to listen to them.


they could do it for bonus missions tho too

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They could. I agree it should at least be a customizable option.

I remember in Hitman (2016) when I first got the GotY Edition and played Sapienza, I was confused a little bit by the briefing stating that Silvio Caruso was a former client - then I played the Landslide Bonus Mission and it all made sense.

Kind of a longshot, but I also wish that we at least had a “lore page” on the main menu that also explained where in the timeline the Sniper Assassin game mode missions take place. It’s not necessary, but would be a nice detail for a lore nut like me. That could also be a potential solution to the “where to place Ambrose Island” question as well.